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  1. Mhmm. I forgot to take SS :3 But I will test it later and post here
  2. I forgot to take SS but I found out why guild exp didnt work for me only I guess. So there is someone who already used the guild exp before I login. So maybe thats the reason why it didnt work to me. I tested it yesterday , I asked someone to use guild exp while im online and it worked.
  3. The exp given by quests are the same before and after the guild exp skill used. I tried to relog but still nothing changes. PS: Our exp skill is maxed (3/3)
  4. So after the update runes and crystal do fail when enchanting it to a gear. My question is , those succeesfully enchanted only work in achievement? Example, I used rune 55 of 500 then I enchanted 3 runes , 2 failed 1 succeeded .. Is my rune achievement will be 58 of 500 or 56 of 500?
  5. MC skills are op why not give us elves more cd reduction
  6. Sup bro, i dont knw if u still remember when u ganked me near nadir. Hahahaha
  7. How about increase the maximum blue quest from 50 to 100 like it used to be :3
  8. The 2nd screenshot was taken after I accidentally open my default keyboard setting but I came bck like 2-3 seconds after. The first screenshot was taken after I open the broswer for like 5mins then when I came back that happen, it should be "Restoring Connection.."
  9. Everytime I go to homescreen or accidentally click the keyboard setting when I go back to the game this happens. It s annoying tho' i cnt open other apps while playing warspear? Lol It wasnt the first time this happen to me but the last time I encounter this problem i fixed it by re downloading the game. But today after the update this happened to me again , i tried to re download the game but it wont fix the problem. EDIT: TO POST the image PS:Happened to me always after the update.
  10. Omg is that DruidIzOp? I heard she s the best druid in Us-Sapphire :insert troll face here:
  11. Nothing is forever, thats why it disappeared.
  12. Uhm so before I put solidity rune on my lv21 belt mob hit me like 273 dmg. Now after I put the rune nothing really changes, its still 273 dmg taken from mobs. lol is it broken or wat?
  13. Just bring back the copy paste. Thats my only suggestion this update.
  14. WarSpear Icon size iz so small after update not like to other app icons. :/ Is it the same with yours?
  15. Fast Message Delivery option isnt working or maybe bugged. Even if it is unchecked its still instantly send the message not like before the update. Please fix guys Thanks
  16. Kill those b*tches with fire before they lay eggs.
  17. Remember this chat on WC "Sell THEMERCS secret amp tricks"? leel
  18. I went to a club with the beatles when suddenly a Giant Squid spawned with a lightning rod on one of its tentacles. Then the squid asked us if we saw a golden anvil cuz someone stole it from its world. Not sure how the golden anvil works, maybe it can craft a powerful weapon, who knows? Cellphone , paint brush , vampire , toilet , blood
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