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  1. Lo mismo si te lo borran es por algo, no? xD
  2. I know snorlax. I talk about 2 other posts I wrote asking about PvP and didn't passed approbation. Didn't received any message about why don't passed.
  3. Its the second time I try to write a post and never appears, but I didn't get any message or anything. This is because I'm being moderated?
  4. C4nt3r

    A little doubt

    Snowman, funny, but don't helps. Thanks for trying,
  5. Thanks a lot for your explanation. I appreciate it. Agree. But insist, IMHO, this don't breaks the game experience of others. I quote myself: About the topic.....Maybe, a possible solution could be to not allow to revive near the flag? This could solve this problem?
  6. If this is some kind of tournament or something like this, then, don't set limit to coins buying, but the quantity to use of premium items, for example, 50max or something like this. This way maybe you balance the war. Aigrind don't lives because this person spends hundreds dollars in one day. I mean, they don't live from 10 person spending 1000$/year, but 5000 spending 50$/year. If you allow to 1 person to smash the game experience to others, then you can loose this 5000 base players. As Crystana wrote, if you abuse of P2W, you loose base players, and then, Hassn don't needs to spend this hundreds dollars on scrolls, and all goes to sh#t. It's a domioe effect. Don't know, as mentioned I'm not sure if I understand exactly the problem (but I think is something like you can use some powerfull premium item using your VISA card to win the competitive scene of the game), I'm playing since 2 days ago. I just wanted to feel part of the community and throw my humble opinion
  7. Im new and don't understand exactly the problem, but I don't agree with your statement. A game should be fun, and its ok the company makes money, but, if money makes the change on some competitive aspect of the game, then its p2w,and is not fun. Its all about balance.
  8. Hi all, I found this game and looks great. Fighting against looking for a game thath has cross platform, works on my Windows Phone, I found this, and it's gorgeous. Pixel Pawa! To sum to this, I can play from my computer too..great! But... Can I improve the size of the window? It's too small on Windows. I mean. Attached is my browser window, and in the middle, the game window. Best regards, and congratulations for this game/idea. Keep up the good work.
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