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  1. So, There is fast made troll paladin :D
  2. Lol thats nothing, i bought 8000 or some mcoins long time ago, nothing got replenised. and support did give it back. :nea: So someone did got signs for lulz, but i did got nothing :D
  3. Lol, i did guess we are this nerdys, who are hiden and nobody dont know. But first time i see country name, what i have never heard before. :D
  4. Lulz for nothing. ;D :wacko: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: http://www.upload.ee/image/2163348/Warspear_Lulz.bmp
  5. See ppl. I told ya =D So all f**k u with story "omg overpower noob" First try to play with ranger.
  6. Lol, u can use support so much as u want. They still playing. Support answare: blocked removed (or something like that), u log in to game, and see that same multiboxer with his accounts still playing. =D
  7. Multiboxer is same as hacker. So both have to get banned. And mcoin price must be 50% off and same stron as it was before. Game looks like 5H¡T Now. And why my country players have to buy 2x-3x more for mcoins than others.
  8. Do not cry, u waste only 10$ 2 set of sign ? Wtf :S i have to pay 50-60$ for it. Cuz my area sms is more expencive than others. :!
  9. All cry noobs do that, so there is nothing new.
  10. IDK, i think i have imunetation for bees. It jst show me yellow circle and nothing much. =D
  11. All do that, its normal, its part of game, so stop cry.
  12. Multibox is annoying, i work on hack at the moment, and i share that for my friends only, cuz that hack is for poor players, who can kill then rich noobs and multiboxers, +rats and cowards, who hit/skill and run.
  13. One mclan noob multibox with 3 account in US server, they wnt bann em, if they all buy mcoins. They all just care about money and say "duck u cry baby"
  14. Druids use bees on me, but it does nothing for me. I guess there is to much cry about weak class.
  15. All Balanced. Mclan have more attack skills and firstborn have more defencive skills. Without Enchantment and ampiflycatin system is all balanced, all at stuck in money. Who rich then he overpower
  16. If u say, "omg, rangers are overpower" then u wrong. First, u all say that, cuz u get killed by rich ppl. But if u beat poor player (ranger) then nobody dont care. U all just wanna say that ur enemy is overpower. First try to play all classes as poor/noob, before post something, cuz then u see witch is overpower.
  17. I guess so, cuz i have lvl 17 blocked ranger in EU server =D
  18. Do not cry, become ranger. :D
  19. Lol, i think bees does nothing, just a yellow ball skill. =D
  20. Russians are, cuz they try to screw us. Ill show to Russians soon, who owns. ducking Admins.
  21. I think all pkcs awesome, exept russians, cuz they are just the best! They deleted my account, cuz im from Estonia.
  22. So whats now, my account deleted -.- lvl17 ranger, i hav only 86 exp more to lvl up, and now u delete my account, so i spend mcoins for nothing ? ducking asshole admins, u lose ppl like this, and now u did lost who pay for game, so ducking russians, get life. Acculy i know one reason why i get deleted, cuzim from Estonia, and u hate us. ducking assholes at Russia. And now u delete our accounts, cuz ur Russians dumbasses cant get order for our person bust. Just give me my account back and we can leave it. I know u ducking russians Delete my topic, cuz thats ducking dirty true, we ill meet at war, and then i smoke u all. We got secret wepon to blow u ducking russians up.
  23. Player who is in ur friend list and chat is green, so we all are kuz =D
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