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    really? thanks for ur information  :)




    Lol one more thing :D God means in my language "Jumal" :D

    So i tell its almost like Jamal.

    All jamals in game, beware of me, i come to report u all now ^^

    All player names is god names, cuz in every person is one small piece of his own god. So we have to close game then, if this rule gets approved or wtf :D

    XD I gonna report u all :D


    Anyways no prob about that information one :D

  2. totally true,only can play better so many bds richs have fish mind and cant catch me in crossing with +10 +9 set  haha  :lol:


    Thats true :D Thats why i quit to :D My mates are to fools :D They even cant pass to mclan first city -.-

    God Damned, like 7 year olds, or younger xD Brainless :D

  3. There is nothing in rules that u cant use names: Allah, Adminx, Moderator, Dev, God, duckxMex, Pussycunt, HornyShoes or something like that. :D So use name what u like :)

    Anyways Puss means in my language Short knife and püss is Gun ;D so we cant use ü letter, so they may write puss :D So if any problems with char names. then ask player, what does it mean, or why he/she use that name :) Like Allah, means in my language almost like "Alla ah ?" Means "Down uh ?" :D so we can use this name as we want :D


  4. yeah right.. on the quest of sea monster, i waited for almost two hours until one kind player invited me to party..


    Mega lucky :S I waited 3 month for granite guard, 2 week for garr shag or what it was, :D 3 day for lake and another 3 moth for seamonster :D so 2 hours is not time for q :D

    Other part (end) was fast, cuz all did farm spots :D

  5. Yeayy... Another time to wait... Next week is info about forsaken island,then next week info about Chosen's equipment/weapon,next week again info about Forsaken's equipment/weapons.. Hahaha i hate thisss! :facepalm: i thought today is the update...  So updte is at JUNE :wacko:


    No, i guess, they think another **** to skip that to September or even Xmas -.-

    So better upload pictures with snow. :D

  6. hey, we're just a newbie here in the game, but several STRONG players,MAYBE, were having great time saying were weak,,, so we can't accomplish tasks faster because they don't allow us partied with them! that was so unfair,isn't it?


    Also, i guess, strong players were those of rich kinds who can buy amplifiers by mc..

    don't call us noobs!!! give us time, a month or year, and we can prove to you were as strong as you are, or much stronger than you are!!!!


    U right, Acculy most of noobs are this guys, who call others to noobs, and F**ing mcoin rich kids ;)

    If player Got mcoins, then he is overpower.

    I luvd that time (v0.7), when al was balanced.

    Most of Rich noobs give me reply there u can see, they tell me "ducking poor kid" "Noob" or something. They cant get point of it, what we try to say. :D They just Waste em money for nothing, acculy only for pixles and numbers :D


    So, best players are f2p player ;) so us. :)

  7. Hi, I download warspear client for PC and when I logging into the game, its write Caching error :(

    This is on the end of log file:


    Image loaded : fxs/effects_9 Available free memory : 1874411520

    Image loaded : fxs/effects_10 Available free memory : 1874411520

    Start downloading AD content...

    Banner status: correct banner

    Downloading AD content failed, try to load old banner

    Opening pack file: C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Warspear Online\banner.pak

    Pack file not found.

    Image loaded : gui_176x208/start_wnd_back_0 Available free memory : 1872949248

    Image loaded : gui_176x208/start_wnd_back_1 Available free memory : 1872936960

    Image loaded : gui_176x208/start_wnd_back_2 Available free memory : 1872936960

    Image loaded : gui_176x208/start_wnd_back_3 Available free memory : 1872920576

    Image loaded : gui_176x208/start_wnd_0 Available free memory : 1872912384

    Image loaded : gui_176x208/start_wnd_1 Available free memory : 1872891904

    Account ID: 5226xx

    Start cashing file '/filez/diff_2011-12-14_2011-12-16.pak' from 'diff_2011-12-14_2011-12-16.pak'

    Get http status code: 302

    HTTPDownloadFileChecksum Download checksum fail

    ERROR: caching failed, error type='connection'

    Traffic @ Total Read: 1118 Total Write: 276

    Total packets: 8


    On my droid mobile is all fine. Sry for my english :blush:


    1. Account names (Id-s) Contains only numbers, if its made by system, so try to write again.

    2. Try to redownload game, if its new version already, then reinstall, and check ur network settings.

    3. Game log show us that u have problem with connection.

  8. tired of saying this barb is weak.  :rofl:



    I agree, i was lvl 14, and he killed me in group.

    He always kill noobs like me, cuz he cant kill lvl 16's-20's

    He Suck.

    I did level up to much, and now he scare me :P

  9. Warspear is not showing in the Nokia Store because it is not Belle compatible software. In Nokia Store you get different searh results with N8 025.007 (Symbian Anna) and 111.030.0609 (Belle). If Kuzmitch has made this game installer Belle compatible, then it is not informed to the Nokia Store. Now it is only Symbian 3 and Symbian Anna compatible application in Nokia Store.


    Thats answare to first question. Ty asnellma
  10. maybe warspear only discover if the user have money


    101% True, or more, if someone can bet.

    Acculy i write this reply over 3. time, cuz Warspear online did not let me write this topic. Cuz it 102% True what i write here.

    Only Rich players have fun, who did not care about money what they put inot game.

    Before was all fine and good, all have fon, but now u have to pay every second step what u make in game.

    0.7.0 was good. all got balanced.

    Game is not balanced anymore, cuz all dont have over 200€ what to put every week into game -.-

  11. U really think i didnt look in games section, there is no warspear in my nokia store, i had it installed before and there is none in my stuff either.


    Ow, so i dont know, maybe it will appear after 3.0 relase.

    Try to use website download, will open exactly the real lin, if cant, then pm me, i upload for you that symbian version or this one what u will gonna need. ;D

  12. @Smurfer: You say DDOS is not real hacking. But your actually a bit wrong. In some casses it can cause server overload and this might be dangerous. So don't forget that black hat hackers goals are to damage any system.



    Almost out of topic O:-) O:-) O:-) , but ur right :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:



    I know some players who hack, and still play, like teleport hack, and noclip hack. I have writen names to paper. -.-



    So, if anyone know where to get hack, then pm me, i will gonna use it, cuz poor players need to something to pwn rich players (a)



    Rich players and kids have Money, so we have hacks, then they maybe know what we feel every day, and they come to cry to forum. :D so then is forum full of 0.M.G people. ^-^

  13. Well said alonso,this forum is about ranger not mc or any other classes, merc and sulla always plays fire on wrong forum. There are no such thing as op ranger, amp ur gear to +10 then u know who is the op, every classes has their own specialty and weakness.


    Rangers weak spot is defence, so dont cry yeah, all is balanced, only overpower person in game is rich players, who ampifly everything to +10, worst update in game was, when the ampifly system came on. That was made just for Devs, cuz they did cry to much that they have few money.



    Better remove ampifly system and put some mcoin gear and weps for high lvl players to, not for lvl 1 -.-



    Rangers got just low def, thats all, if u cant beat balanced ranger in 1vs1 then ur just noob or just go charge and say "Yeeeeeaaaah"  and try to kill.

    U need tactic for everything, so do not post here $H!T, if u have been try only noob tactic. Everything is Killable  :friends:

  14. I got my account back :good: :good:  bt it is BLOCKED!!!! :'( :'(



    PLZZZ unbock it its my last request plzzz

    :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: :sorry: :sorry:



    Use another round support, and after perfect answare by devs, u just... "have to wait long"  :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:



    ... Go play another game till ur acc rebanned, cuz it takes so long and its annoying. :P

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