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  1. bug, lag and crash :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

    symbian and pc....oh crap....almost a week and still not fix yet :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

    give us 1 day off server...and fix all that crap..... :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:


    Thats my boy.

    i also will give week or sumthing (i mean off time)

    Just please fix it ;D

  2. I can't understand why everyone is having problems with the update. I use s60v5 myself but I haven't faced any problems with the game crashing. Not even on my PC :unknw:


    And I don't think insulting the developers will do anything to the problems


    Play paladin, reach level 8 and u will see

    Make paladin, reach level 7 or 8, go cave and do Quest (windows xp and s60v5)

    So u see u get crassh and better never come back.

    Why players have to search for bugs and errors `? its devs work -.-

    Players dont get paid for this -.-

    u released game with thousands bugs and errors.



    Im 100% sure that u can not fix this crash error in first bug fix,

    cuz u to lazy and first u go to fix this quest isn't found thing, cuz u think its most importan.

    In my opinion is crash bug this thing, what have to be get fixed first, cuz i have seen many got error

    'and crash in this caves when u get 7-8 lvl.




  4. We are working on bug fixes and there will be patch soon.

    Also, do someone have crashing trouble after opening My Maps?



    There is bug in quest "Underground Totems"



    If i walk near underground shaman, client not respondig and same happens in phone,

    i cant log in, cuz my player is still there, so i can log in,

    when i die there and have to repair all again, and i have to made many try's to reduce this and finish quest.



    total losts: 2100 coin (acculy 2094), 1 hour time.

  5. So i just find out that i can not play anymore on phone and on pc to -.-

    I just started all again, i gave my old account to one awesome girl almost half year ago ;)



    So i made paladin, and i see u "Devs" are so fat @$$ed and lazy, u release game, with errors,bugs and with mistakes. So Paladin max level what can i reach is 8, cuz i cant complete quest, saying "Warspear online is not responding" and if i try to play on phone and do same quest, then game will shut down and i that will gonna shut down and will not launch before u die and respawn, so i wasted over 2 k for repair to find out the way how to get this finished, but i dont, and i have met over 20 "Quest isnt found" or something like that, so i have to calculate with my amazing brain, what i have to do ._.



    So im stuck at nowhere now (not at "not found quest") just on normal quest, cuz u G4y russians can not release game without errors ?

    So devs, if u do something then do correctly or do not release game -.-



    So is there any way i get my money back of ur mistake ? If i dont, then fuq off, cuz its not made by me.



    So all who play on s60v5 or xp, i suggest to quit, cuz its all waste of time for you. ;)





  6. I really hope there are some new costumes like the dragon hunter or dragon catcher. I've liked them so far. The other costumes are not so interesting...


    There is only 1 % they add drag hunt and catcher to Mshop.

    They want that u spend more money for chest what u can buy, try 1000 times ur luck, and nothing.

    If they add yhis to shop, they will lose money, cuz they want that u spend so much money as u can. so u have to buy secret chests.

  7. That's really stupid. If you delete all players characters, you will definitly loose 80% of them.



    Yeah Really stupid, 80% of Aigrind incoming Goods gets lost.

    Game Die, devs got no money, players wasted their time, and then they gonna burn aigrind down :D So there becames WorldWar3 ;D

  8. Here i'm the one who never stop complaining about blessing of ranger, u can call me another crybaby, yeah i'm crybaby, i'm sick killed many times by ranger in 1 2 3 hits die. Blessing should be 50% of normal damage!!! Taking 100% of normal damage is too much for blessing..  please... Please... I'm crying... I'm screaming.. like noob.. I'm noob with high amped but useless... Useless... Useless against ranger... :cry: :cry:.. i spend much money for giving my head to ranger :( :( ...


    U talk about rich players.

    F2p players with balanced gear are balanced.

  9. 2Hrs for sea monster as mc, equivalent to our maraksha quest, not the chainless league.




    Lol, even for 2 hours for Sea Monster at MClan side is Few.

    So i loged on over long time yesterday, and what i see.

    Few people, all have been left, cuz they have been got bored, or got lost their stuff by bugs and everything, so now u have to wait longer for smoe sexy things in game.

  10. Bro remember this words and keep it in your heart, i keep this words on every mmorpg i play,


    "a noob player is a player said noob to another player"


    "a pro player is a player that not said he pro"


    Got what i mean? :)


    Thats true ;D

    Acculy in other games 80% who say they are "Pro" or Got "Skill" is hackers :P

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