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  1. So i see that we can buy cc items at Nadir. My question is, can we trate them ? Sell or that... I know that years ago we were able to trade this items. I have some cc on my BD, but i want to buy Tested Sceptre (500cc) so if i buy this on my bd does it become personal automaticaly when going to bag ? or going personal on use. In old times that became personal only after use. Times has been changed, so thats why i ask that kind question. I want to sell that stave to my friend, cuz he is pretty noob at arena ;D .
  2. i hope they add full screen mode for pc to, cuz i can look almost all over my area on phone :facepalm: and on pc can look only 20% over that area that i can see on phone :bad:
  3. In EU server 70% Mclan and 30% Elves. In US server 50% Mclan 50% Elves. Dont know about other servers. Got to ask mods.
  4. I was playing years ago on mobile that had 2G network. Speed were 100kbs down and 50kbs up.
  5. i think u play runescape or something, but map "4" not working in warspear online 3.4.4. :D
  6. No, why u posted only map website, thats useless imo... And u posted on wrong place, u should post that on russian forums, not here, cuz im quiet sure that 99.99999% of players at this part of forum can not speak russia.
  7. Sexctasy

    Server down?

    They update, when they get permission from Apple store. Just a god damn apple :D
  8. Sexctasy

    Is it today?

    i hate apple so much that i will gonna eat that right now :facepalm:
  9. Sexctasy

    Server down?

    Connecting way to long :o i can not update to 3.4.3 on pc, but on phone i can :) had same connect prob on phone to, but still got log on :) Hope they fix dat soon as snorlax said :P But their "soon" takes ages :pleasantry:
  10. Sexctasy

    Server down?

    i redownloaded and got ducked up for 5 minutes, but now i can go on again haha :Dstill 3.4.0 will not update :S i have on phone 3.4.3 or 3.4.4 :D
  11. Sexctasy

    Server down?

    3.4.0 help (WSO) :P If u have connection lost check this, just rapid log, til ur online :P
  12. For balance i have to say, yes i want full screen for pc players. if they dont add this, redoce tablets and big mobile phones area to. :facepalm: Full screen for all of us. :D please :yahoo:
  13. "Print screen" button, have you heard of that ? :D or hold "alt" key and press "print screen" button to mape screenshot of yor active window :P
  14. they should make High or Ultra quality for pc users, will may add much more fun, but coding will may take long time to. If they add full screen mode, i think they dont change area that you see, they make that just bigger, so ur char looks bigger on your screen :D and if they really make that like this, i mean like u can see far or what ever, then they change it to scroll that like 10 minute of full screen mode scroll is worth 1000 mcoin, or they make it for 1 day count time. :D Cuz they want money for their "Hard work" :pleasantry:
  15. In EU server u got to pick dark side, cuz % of dark side players is god damn high in EU. In US u should pick Light side, cuz % of players at Light side in US is god damn high :D but nvm, Light side still lose at US area to, cuz many people have turned to Dark side. I made rouge for me some time ago, and difference between Light and Dark side is that everybody help you at Dark side, but at Light side u have to wait for "hours - weeks" to get help.
  16. Swamp made hard caouse admin and gm wanna pump more money out of you. so new equip and stuff -> change arena reward to low -> "Everybody must buy arena tix and waste mcoins on it" Every single update that is in wso is made for getting rich in real life.
  17. If with sign, why not use support ? ______________________________________________________________________ +1 from +2 isnt safe anymore, only from 0 to +1 is safe, so its ur problem :D I lost my arena bow, when there was sign bug. i did ask to, but they did not give it back.
  18. I quit if this thing goes trough. but in my opinion u never gonna get that like this. maybe some other way, cuz gm make updates to pump more and more money out of you, not to give fun for you. if u have been playing for years then u will may get it.
  19. yup :S i do not go swamp before this gets bug fixed.
  20. my lvl 12 rouge with non enchanted blades hits 789! and my lvl 18 ranger does the same with arenabow, pick mclan one, i just found out after 3 day playing on mclan side that mclan is better, light side sux, mclan can be 2 times over of them even with crap armor :D
  21. 3 month nolife swamp, only runes, crystals, pots, scrolls. Nobody ask how many times we repaired our equip :! I bet gm made this for collecting money, as i said before that astral lab came out. "GM new way to get more rich" As u see, u spend mcoins for nothing, just repairing your armor 3 months and what u get, this up there. ^ After swamp i do not have even chanse to get my astral lab quests, cuz astral lab is empty and i bet players who visit this per month is only 1-10 ;D and this guys are explorer no0bs :!
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