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  1. hmm, i got new idea, RANGER is noob class at the moment, so can we add crossbow to game. Attack speed 1.7 or 2.0 second and damage will be same like handbows. OK, if u dont like it then make same dmg like one handed sword got, but then must be dual wield xbows =D Isnt good idea ? =D OK one lil shit thing more, please remove beast trap skill or change tht any better skill :) like STEALTH, cuz ranger and assasin classes r brothers. =)
  2. Waiting for cheap pcs =D Then can get much more stuff, but i think its not worth it if all getting cheaper. Anyone got idea with xmas event ? i got, all get their own wepons candy trimmed =D And all gets free xmas costume or something.
  3. Thats why scruffs isnt Druid, wierd things and all wierd. I think magic is dirty =D
  4. After Update : Loot prices low and Shop prices (weps and other shit like armor and this) high. Pretty shit, nothing much, lvl 9 bow costs 2400 and lvl 12 bow almost 4000, 3946 or something.
  5. Mom i wanna play =D I mean in my area server EU-EMERALD 4life brothers ;)
  6. Can i have reward, i have been waiting =D please gift code or something. Acculy server still offline. Makes me mad =^.^=
  7. Just make Rouge in Stealth skill visible for normal players. Only invisible for npcs. And one problem more, all characters got good skills, but rangers got shit. This new Trap skill is totally shit -.-, my granny think same. This skill only looks cool, but acculy its shit. And another skill is Double deal range damage, cooldown time is to long, like hour =D. Avoid attack skill is lame, cuz u still get hited like before u turned this skill on. Only Str Hit and Shoot blind head skill good for range. And same thing with Bladedancers skills =D, Mountain clan nerds got better skills.
  8. Can we add survey system ? Many games and places got survey system. If u dont know what does it mean, then google for it. Acculy its way to earn credid, like miracle coin ;) Websites who got survey system: z8games.com; Playspan.com; Gamersfirst.com and many more. =) guess u all like this way to get mcoins.
  9. I guess its normal, its not unfair, in real life is to assasin so fast as invisible or almost. Ok, that all is unfair, cuz other chartypes got shit skills. ;) so GMs have to add/change all others characters any good skill/skill to better. SRRY I GOT BAD ENGLISH, I GUESS U UNDERSTOOD. ^^
  10. Sexctasy


    I guess this is surprise update or something, cuz i asked for it and they told me, cant share information :drinks:
  11. Sexctasy

    help me

    They update or somethong like that (at the moment). I guess nextime when server is down is Monday 7. November 2011. If there is more any reason to do earlyer then get before 7. November down again. Sorry, im normal player and i dont got more information for you. :)
  12. When gets patched ? Annoying to play with 10 slot bag.
  13. Can we add survey system ? (google for it i u dont know what does it mean) ;)
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