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  1. Veteran isle is for old time players.

    if u make it with level limit, that means it is champions isle, not veterans. Getting lvl 20 is way to easy.


    Veteran Isle requirements must be: "Playing game over 3 - 4 year" well this is called veteran. So i guess i can enter :D

  2. Well i hate it when he hits me with





    and im dead  :facepalm:



    well i hate it when rouge hits 400, twice, then goes to stealth and hits 2000! -.-"



    Or if im on my druid, they go stealth and ohk killing me, till i ragequit.

  3. hey devs can u put a button in bag that let us move our items inside our bags cuz all players bags im sure they r messy  :crazy:

    i like to organize my bag as i want but i cant select any item to move it plz consider it and ty  :give_rose:

    PS: if this is suggested i tried searching i didnt see any topic like it  :search:



    That comes with 2014 Spring or Summer update. Yes 2014 :D next year  :bad:

  4. well sayed.

    and i have an example about those names. lets say there is a guy named malakas. in philipinse it means powerfull and in greek it means jerk/jackass/asshole/masturbator so how u choose who to ban?


    There were topic about same question about year ago.

    i answared almost same as you do now :D

  5. hi devs.i want inform you that there are some people who are using abusive names on their chars.a few of them are

    1. Anusvagina

    2.faaku(i.e. f**k you)




    I am not sure if it is illigle to keep such names or not but they r very offensive for me i think many other ppl will agree me on that.

    I wanted to post about it way earlier but cos i'm lazy i couldnt. I wanted to invite my cousin sisters to this great game but then if any of these ppl come n stand there by me n my sister, that would be so very uncomfertable for me. Hoping for your action....noah



    Average players age is 17-30, so far i havent seen any "Kid" in game. I dont know what you talking about.

    Im 100% sure that every 3 year old kid knows what does this words mean, and they learn more offencive language at home from their parents, at kindergarden or school.



    This thing will not change everything sooner or later kids still tell you to "duck off" :facepalm:

  6. If u play with p.c or notebook, try Bandicam




    bandicam is simply record screen than another record apps


    freeone sux, u have all commerical logos and stuff covered on your video, nobody will understand, use torrent and download full version of bandicam, cuz free version covers 10% of area that you record  :bad:
  7. these guys really need a girlfriend and a real life,always they camp anywhere to kill elfs with party and mobs but run when see me alone :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

    lifeless kids,GROW UP;GET A LIFE

    these guys are real noobs


    Yup, lordxx and his friend is biggest loners in game, they never sleep or like that. They always just stand and kill like bots, i wonder if they even go out even once per week :D

    and imo they havent hear word "girl" so far in their life. He is ducking pussy btw ^^

  8. Please be aware that running through the mobs can cause "Bugged positions" from the stagger.


    You can see yourself at right position, but in server directions ur writen into wrong position, its made like this u die 99% in that maps. An buy repair scroll (admin and gamer masters get money) an you have "FUN"  :pleasantry: Even if someone says ur maps are right, they arent, cuz 5 player of 10 have died on any map what u can put here.



    I cant tell no more, cuz i know snorlaxx or kuzmitch will ban me 7th time then.




  9. Rule 3.3 says "Trading or offering to trade game objects, including game currency for real money;"


    and what i see every day is...

    Опубликованное фото


    Its good idea to sell your account to someone and take it back later, when its made up by someone.

    i think they take their accounts back, and costumer is victim of this. I wonder why this guys never get ban or something for this, when i get ban in forum for smiple and small things. :facepalm:



  10. I loosed 30-40 fights because this f.ucking lag in Arena!!!!!What the f.uck is happens?  :diablo: Don't tell me its my net because i have a damn good one!!!! :diablo: :diablo:


    Agree, sometimes when paladins are about to use their stun skill before u try to use your skill on them, u get lag for 1-3 second and they get their skill first on use  :facepalm:

    Since 3.4.4 game lags more than before, normaly i had blades hitting bit faster, ow it takes ages to make on single hit  :facepalm:

  11. They become personal upon purchase and you cannot unbind  :(


    okay, then my friend is sickest player in us server, lvl 20, with 12 stave, so game has been changed more sh!t than before  :rofl:

    i know that players wre selling cc items ages ago :D

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