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  1. 1 expert skill vs 3 expert skill 2 fights you didnt hit me once hehehe. had fun fite me again my fav part was when you beat me cus scatter failed, then said you had to go... i said 1 more please... u agreed and i beat you full health what gears were u using on last fight? u had costume on and +9 lab sword i think? guild buffs OP pls nerf /end excuses
  2. turtle read my message on screenshot forum, ill fite u m8
  3. please call me Apache or else i get triggered
  4. ive known sapphire longer than youve even played this game, and i barely talk to her, hence why i said i missed her. we used to talk alot in 2012 however. keep >implying and we will have a problem. using your age as an excuse to imply youre better than others is the last thing you want to do, when youre not even an adult to begin with. and she isnt 40 years old, or 58.
  5. being young isnt an excuse to your ignorance, IF youre using your age as an excuse to act out for attention some people are young and very mature
  6. last time i locked a topic here i got cursed at, so i guess "pedo rapist" and such is allowed miss you sapp
  7. imagine this, in a pvp you sun seal (and lets say youre half health) then you quickly do your burst skills fetters, banner, purify, + 2 normal attacks youd easily be back to full health while your opponent is still stunend by fetters AND you still have your heal skill to use (myself i heal 460 at lv3)
  8. im online all day on my ranger swaaz, pm me and ill hop to lv14
  9. pm me on swaaz i afk all day ill see ur message to fight
  10. just another rogue trying to look pro with lv5 stealth buff lv10s arent gods, theyre fodder
  11. pvprange #1 pro player
  12. alright, im low damage so keep in mind the numbers im about to post will be much larger if you have a decent weapon. be aware since this skill is damage based (physical AND magical), its best to not use a 1h weapon with this skill set i heal 203 everytime i get a crit using purifying (which deals 1203 damage) im guessing the 1203 and 203 are related regular purifying does 603 damage, and i heal 107 every hit a critical hit on a normal attack i heal 120 with an attack that deals 751 my normal attack deals 395 and i heal 63 every hit some of these may sound low, but keep in mind im only a +7 weapon and the heal effect lasts for 40 seconds (and the cooldown is 30 seconds, so essentially you will always be healing with every attack you make) also, nobody knows this, but sun seal has a hidden attribute not mentioned in the skill description if an enemy monster or player is affected by sun seal, EVERY player that attacks that said opponent will be healed with every hit they make, even if youre not in the paladins party EDIT: i did some testing and my original numbers were not correct (i was going off of news & announcements patch notes, which look to not be true) sun seal level 4 lasts for 25 seconds total, and the cooldown is 30 seconds. so essentially, if youre in combat for a minute, 50 seconds of those 60 seconds you will be healed for every attack you make
  13. the more damage you do the more you heal, im not sure how much it heals but if u want i could go give some numbers out i dont have money for any expert skills so i dont got the new banner =/
  14. i check 3 times a day for unapproved posts, dont worry unless its been over 24 hours. which almost never happens
  15. hahaha i made him into zerker pure with veng
  16. lv5 fetters is always the way to go, combined with purifying to slow him down with the tick damage if used during fetters, and of course be facing the direction hed want to run to. myself i have banner at lv1 which deals 3 attacks, and sun seal lv4. sun seal lv4 lasts for 40 seconds, and makes every attack you deal heal yourself. when banner was nerfed that wasnt always the best skill to max imo...
  17. the trick is to know your banners range of effect. simply placing the banner on top of your opponent will hit everyone around him, but place the banner... say... 4 spaces to the left of him. it will just barely put him in the banners area, an example being lets say your in pvp cave and fighting someone. well move all the way to the end of the cave, THEN step 4-5 spaces towards the left (so youre not at the end) then when pvp starts, place your banner at the furthest point to the end of the cave, it will just barely be in your opponents range and will hit him and most likely wont be hitting as many people as placing the banner next to you/ on top of your opponent. its annoying i agree, but what i find most annoying is when people consider using "aura" as a signal, and they jump you. aura costs ALOT of mana to use, and it also makes your character unable to act for a split second or two, when i find someone wanting to pvp me, i step a few steps away and aura, then step back towards him and use taunt (by the time i taunt, my mana would of been back to full from using aura)
  18. ive brought it up like 4 times, its obvious and everyone already knows the answer
  19. Jswaaz

    Linkin Park

    my dads second cousin was either the producer or director (forgot) of the "in the end" music video also, i agree. hybrid theory best
  20. its a counter measure to deal with scam website spammers and scripted bots who post daily forum has been 10X safer since the update
  21. lol i only brought it up because i was lurking trade chat one day and i saw this person#1 - selling ranger person#2 - blah blah blah person#3 -blah blah blah perosn #4 - blah blah blah person #1 - selling ranger novice i almost reported him LOL
  22. maybe unity signs too idk, havnt done lab in over a year
  23. wasnt my mage, was my druid. and i specifically stated my partner instantly died, was a lv11 with less than 1k health
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