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  1. its ok legionn, he no understand englesh, good excuse to break rules. if they ban him its out of racism
  2. healers had revive skill, also, you could change weapons during combat i did not play in 2009, game was ONLY in russian during that time, i just do my research is all turtle i dont believe game was available in 2010... after aigrind bought the games rights it was taken offline for awhile and introduced back in feb 2011 not 100% sure, old russian players could correct me. but "rank" system for english players wasnt in 2010.
  3. my fault, i havnt looked there in over a year. thank you
  4. ya there was summon skill and they also had revive skill back in 2009 (yes, 2009)
  5. thank you, i havnt accepted the daily mystery gift box for over a year so i forgot that existed
  6. ikr, seems legit sulla hotdog, r0land told me personally ban will not be lifted. please drop it
  7. gib me stoof or i repert you r0land >stayed logged in for 12 hours, no gift
  8. i play on pc and i never got my 3 chaos potions + book of oblivion in my mailbox for my characters
  9. he has over 7 warning points, and an admin took care of it. thats all
  10. i never got my free gifts from todays new update in my mailbox pls send halp
  11. im playing on pc and i never got my free gifts from mailbox
  12. i didnt receive any gifts in my mailbox and ive been logged in for about 5-7 minutes also, i cannot find the option to link my email to my account, only my facebook, which i will not do since facebook has too many security flaws
  13. id agree with faceless costume, but beholder was released twice, and black troll is more rare than beholder, however all troll colors together compared to beholder is a different story. doesnt matter, i just thought it was funny they mentioned "skins" being rare when none of them are lol
  14. Jswaaz

    one day?

    now it all makes sense!
  15. metal heads dont take selfies mate
  16. Jswaaz

    one day?

    roses are dead violets are dead i am a bad gardener
  17. ive been pvprange this whole time!
  18. rule - swaaz is +0 noob 3.) YOU SHOULD NOT STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S DROP. (example: if you want to take some plant dropping and there are mobs surrounding it. There's only one way to get that dropping. And that is to kill the mob first and then pick the droppimg. Suppose, someone else is killing the nearby mob. It may be that he/she wants to take that dropping. You should never go and pick the dropping.) LOL arrest me warspear police https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpXYtC6CIE4
  19. kathis too busy being loaned items by ladygi and hamstring any name calling will resort in punishment, you are all free to say why another person is wrong, but harassment/profanity will be dealt with accordingly
  20. you wont be able to fix this r0land, its how they make their money. 100% of all free survey offers work this way, take my word for it. ive made over $100 doing them
  21. lol call me a statue when u dont even play yourself just hit on girl players for cyber
  22. i hope stability potion is cheap, maybe my lv14 can start getting ayvondil reputation
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