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  1. why did you never fully release [severe Cold] equipment set in christmas 2012? russian players and english alike will agree all servers didnt get the full set, with the body piece never dropping.
  2. thats a pretty cool rhyme not gonna lie id prefer "more speculation less calculation"
  3. its for government owned malls but privately owned malls can do what they want
  4. no, im not lying. and you need to troll harder. you stated yourself i was quoting florida law.
  5. you have no idea what youre saying do you? broken english and caps lock wont make a point here mate
  6. >swaaz is lying >swaaz is telling the truth about florida law pick one i said for SCHOOL, not for sporting events, schools arent allowed to sing the pledge of allegiance, and malls cannot have christmas trees dont tell me im a liar
  7. if you vote for me to become class president ill put signs in the cafeteria and make admins do guild tourney
  8. yes we are no longer allowed to put christmas tree's in public places due to offending other religions and they banned all schools to not be allowed to sing the national anthem of america when the day starts to not offend foreigners
  9. the same way we can no longer sing our national anthem in america because it offends foreigners
  10. i need monies for +10 pls
  11. gib me mony or i repert u
  12. Jswaaz

    What the duck!

    lol nobody can tell when im serious trust me
  13. Jswaaz

    What the duck!

    lol since when was MC-Cave used for PvP? everytime i show up, 15 MC's get off by killing me to show they're pro killing +0s
  14. why you expect USA timezone war times to be changed to cater to foreign players?
  15. i bet your bank was disappointed
  16. Jswaaz

    What the duck!

    because i took his quackers
  17. Jswaaz

    What the duck!

    tell the duck to shut the duck up
  18. Jswaaz

    What the duck!

    troll has been removed, continue discussion without bringing him up please what does the duck say?
  19. Jswaaz

    What the duck!

    because its a bad word in russian
  20. everything ingame is possible with +0s, just because people spend money to win arena doesnt mean the game is ruined. arena isnt part of the story of warspear. even before amp system came out, people would illegally sell longbows lv13 for over $100 cash. its free to play for a reason, however as i said before all quests for warspear you can do without amp, including bosses (you just have to work for better gear, which can be obtained 100% for free)
  21. swaaz costume - hides amp of your weapon and makes you look like youre wearing lv1 beginner clothes
  22. im pro i buy skill with house payments pls notice me (btw zeus upgraded to newest gears, lv21 or lv22 spear i forgot, spears do soo much damage its insane)
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