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  1. the truth that kathi is simply a beggar and thief?


    and that's what makes it worse, I was only caretaking for that gear. the bd set was one thing.. then to do what she did with rogue set.. not to mention lying to absy to collect the sword he was using before selling it all..


    i talked to gi today, she read everything and has been informed. she cannot stop laughing due to the irony of people trusting her still (no offense) she wants to say something but fears her word no longer applies here due to her absence 

  2. 74 subscribers for 5 videos on a channel i dont publicly advertise yes


    >video average over 1,000 views per upload

    >only been releasing edited warspear videos for less than a year


    tell me how your 150 videos on your 3 year channel is going pls

  3. yes, yes it was a false report by you.


    edit: editing your original post will not change things, only proves my point in your wrongdoing


    i updated your 2 false-reports in the moderator panel on the matter, anyone who has access to it will see what has been posted. continue implying im a spammer will result in further warnings. continue posting the same video in more than one topic, i dont care. its tavern. 


    heres a random video for ur viewing pleasure :)



  4. i can talk here if i want, you telling me what i cant do? tavern has post count removed for a reason. false reporting is against the rules mind you


    id advise to look up what spamming means, as you posting the same video in more than one topic and calling a moderator who is simply typing a reply are very different things

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