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  1. i talked to gi today, she read everything and has been informed. she cannot stop laughing due to the irony of people trusting her still (no offense) she wants to say something but fears her word no longer applies here due to her absence
  2. she changed her mains name and/or deleted special snowflakes dont steal, it was a borrowed gift ask ladygi not like i talk to her still or anything and know the truth
  3. depends, are you a self proclaimed "legend"?
  4. been 2 hours and all expert crafts are still the same
  5. looks like uve been busy since u quit the casual irl rpg simulator
  6. 74 subscribers for 5 videos on a channel i dont publicly advertise yes >video average over 1,000 views per upload >only been releasing edited warspear videos for less than a year tell me how your 150 videos on your 3 year channel is going pls
  7. yes, yes it was a false report by you. edit: editing your original post will not change things, only proves my point in your wrongdoing i updated your 2 false-reports in the moderator panel on the matter, anyone who has access to it will see what has been posted. continue implying im a spammer will result in further warnings. continue posting the same video in more than one topic, i dont care. its tavern. heres a random video for ur viewing pleasure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JLkuyLcu5A
  8. old craft professions still as boring as ever, im maxed crafting and have nothing to do will continue waiting, hope for the future
  9. i can talk here if i want, you telling me what i cant do? tavern has post count removed for a reason. false reporting is against the rules mind you id advise to look up what spamming means, as you posting the same video in more than one topic and calling a moderator who is simply typing a reply are very different things
  10. We have added new professions and changed some of the mechanics for them. They work differently: results became predictable, and the value of manufactured accessories rose. wrong, high level weapon crafts still yield a random reward im maxed crafting, and i still have no use for it. will continue waiting
  11. lol it was just a small island where u did 1 quest then got teleported, if i remember correctly
  12. Jswaaz


    cool story
  13. im not the one starting drama, you reported his video for not being on topic when it clearly was.
  14. mine didnt get deleted in russian forum, the video preview tag is in english and it has nothing to do with you ok
  15. nothing but complaining over mundane petty immature implications you realize over 100 countries play warspear? pathetic to imply this is racist
  16. jayrox please do not report others for posting warspear videos that are not in english language, the video itself doesnt need to be in english to be understood.
  17. any new crafts for weapons or armor? when will max craft level be increased? level 20 gear is quickly becoming not important to end-game players why did one of the cloaks have magic damage AND magic damage%? thats overpowered...
  18. whats the issue, i had the costume on my paladin...
  19. send a report for each specific post you want deleted
  20. Jswaaz


    im newbie idk how to amp
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