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  1. kathi was given mod powers instantly, and months after all other forum mods were assigned every body else was given a 1 week trial period before given mod powers
  2. i didnt light the fire, my leave will extinguish it eventually. for now this is drama's final round. up to admins if i shall remain or begone for good. either way ive said my fair share, so i find no drama to be re birthed from the flames after everyones last words have been said
  3. Jswaaz


    i used to troll like you, then i took a poley to the knee
  4. Jswaaz


    >censoring "idiot" LOL literally made me laugh
  5. if i was told to collect evidence id have no problem spending the countless hours finding it pretty sure it will just resolve like the last time though, with not even a minute looked into it and i get punished previous moderator - swaaz means swastika i bet, youre a nazi prick swaaz - temporary bans for 3 days r0land/snorlax - removes temporary ban, removes swaaz's ban rights r0land is online now, so i await my fate.
  6. i will not sit here and take that from her, i dont care who you are
  7. since i was already given warnings points from poley, maybe this is justifiable? hopefully i can continue being a part of this forum obvious gender related issues aside, ive done nothing that poley hasnt already done herself she continues to say "no rude language" yet has done nothing but that, the irony is i finally said enough is enough, she bashed me in the private moderator forum and i will not sit here and take this on that note, please be aware i did not give any warnings to ANYONE in the poley thread, including herself. yes that is true this was strictly due to the private moderator forum comments shes made AFTER saying "no rude language please"
  8. reasons for temporary ban - comments which regular users CANNOT see, so if sulla and whoever else wants to try me, ill post the inappropriate language here for all to see. not like i have anything to lose? poley is out of control, did nothing but try to bring others down with her when her true self was revealed, i regret nothing and i thank aigrind for the opportunity
  9. on a random note, poley has given me "warning points" multiple times which i find hilarious i gave her a warning point for "giving a moderator a warning point" and she had r0land remove it for her i can already see a similar action being taken for a 3 day temporary ban, and if no action is taken, poley will just simply permaban me when shes back. i hope i can still post as a regular user one day
  10. chris i leave you your meme thread, sorry for never approving it. i just dont like the word "memes" nothing personal buddy
  11. on a side note, sapphire was banned for 10 days on her first offense, without any previous warnings. and not a single word of hers had any profanity in it also, im being accused of biased bans due to the NBK thread involving redbird (who was never banned, just received a simple warning for harassment) and for kazuma (who called sapphire a slut AND a whore on multiple different posts) the reason this was brought up? simple... poley brought it up when confronted shes a thief, and is trying to change the subject to soften the blow
  12. i had fun everyone, but with the obvious gender advantage here i cannot get a fair trial, i temporary banned poley for abusive language shes commented towards me in the moderator forum which you all cannot see since this is my third strike, i know i wont be a moderator after doing so i can say with a straight face i had the most fun here moderating than anyone else, but with feminism on the rise its hard to speak your mind without being accused of biased threats. poley stole gears from 3 players, ladygi hamstring and deadeagle. and when confronted about it she just digs up dirt and tries blackmailing everyone around her i will not be a part of the moderating team knowing she flirts with admins in order to get away with whatever she wants poley will be back within 3 days most likely sooner and will have her say, most of which will most likely be off-topic threats and avoiding the fact shes a thief on that note, i hope i can continue to make warspear videos and post them here in the future, maybe thats too much to ask -swaaz
  13. i banned poley for 3 days for rude and vulgar comments in mod forum towards me so, most likely, this will all be cast aside and ill be the one to blame for her taking gears from 3 other respected players good day to you all, i had fun
  14. its just poley trying to dig up dirt from other players but failing in order to soften the blow of her selling loaned gears from ladygi/urowak/and eaglewars for her own profit
  15. i removed most of the posts that included profanity youre full of it
  16. answer ur inbox r0land i know u read them...
  17. and where did sapphire insult you in vulgar behavior that WASNT already given to her by you? and if you think im gonna dig up redbirds post you got another thing coming, why dont you do it yourself since youre soo prone to digging up potential blackmail? my warnings were not biased, and none of them besides kazumas even received any bans. btw youre a thief, gotta keep on topic
  18. youre last 5 videos you have posted over 3 separate times, with youre 2nd to last video posted 5 times... you have already received 2 warnings for spamming, and 1 warning for reporting others for "spamming" when they only posted something once what can i do to make you understand? i dont want to take this any further
  19. i dont like the word memes matey
  20. ive been flipping since i started playing
  21. kazuma wasnt banned for "calling sapphire 50 years old" why dont you read the moderator notes dear? trying to once again >imply im doing biased bans? ok then why was sapphire banned for 10 days? kazuma made MULTIPLE inappropriate posts involving slut/whore/etc getting real sick of you trying to blackmail others when this thread is about you being a thief literally hilarious
  22. and what makes you believe i have no power? because the feminist thinks i wont do it again? ive banned 2 mods before genius keep insulting me
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