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  1. correction: hes a kid who bought the account when the original owner quit. i thought this was a contest of skill?
  2. i vote galvatron for barb, that guy always is able to tank my hits
  3. all i have to say is goodbye everyone who cheated, especially scout :yahoo:
  4. OHARA camped there for over 2 hours, then i eventually logged off. and stayz, justify it all you want, YOU saw a bd evading boss and CHOSE to party with him and stay with him for hours, you dont deserve any pity.
  5. i made a rogue today and i have a ranger and druid same server same username, i thought if u have elf characters you cant make any mc on same server same username?
  6. when i use my 13 druid in arena id say average 1/5 fights are with level 15-18 players, which is an extreme disadvantage.. im never with anyone over level 14 on my team
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