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  1. spent 80k AP and 60k AP on nothing but damage spheres, maxed bags of damage for free 8) now i wait...
  2. everyones assuming its the 2v2 3v3 and 5v5 for costumes, lv15-18 tier (3v3) already has rigged fights to get to #1. second i noticed that was the second i lost interest. you pvp "pros" have fun spamming tickets :dirol:
  3. Jswaaz


    cliquespear :crazy:
  4. chains would be on cooldown because your already trying to get away, i dont understand your first part. and assuming its an arena battle, using time warp in the beginning of the fight (before the countdown reaches 0) gives you enough time to get to the enemy players while their still "grouped" together. obviously you know more about skill placement then me, if lv3 chains goes on par with lv5 meteor, then by all means change it to your liking. im just throwing ideas out since theirs literally less mages then ANY other class in sapphire.
  5. Jswaaz


    only place i can find a decent fight nowadays with signal is at swamp. i go to friendly territory and taunt mcs as i find them, seeing if any would attack (or taunt) back
  6. youve never beaten me sulti in a signal fight, keep jumping me and saying in forums you beat me. just makes you look more pathetic then everybody already thinks
  7. teleporting directly under would give you the half of a second needed to dual cast meteor then chains. just switch the order idc
  8. I really hope rewards go by class, since everybody knows certain classes are better at pvp. Also the newer classes have a much harder time getting to #1... Make the costume reward go to one of every class according to arena points. I spent over a year making my ranger and my druid #1 in arena tier (according to class) but they were obviously beat by ticket spamming rogues
  9. what if the mage time warps directly under you. then uses lv5 chains, followed by lv5 stone. finally retreating by running or cleverly using time warp using the chains as a getaway (from melee class) and wait for cooldowns, add fire ball to your timing preference.
  10. your ignorance is partly the reason almost nobody worthy goes there anymore.
  11. i believe it isnt that exact, as i know theirs more common masks then the rare tier. also add in the fact theirs cloaks too. (one cloak being in the rare tier)
  12. your an idiot for playing ANY game on an apple product that is all :facepalm:
  13. i got another one if your sapphire server :spiteful:
  14. Guard set, and combat triangle makes only metal armor so far. Theirs rings with sun defense btw Let me add theirs lv13 gear with sun also, just not very good in pvp
  15. hes only buying for 30k max, his "friends" told him that. goodluck buying in forum, nobody likes you here
  16. Hehe, I loved camping ghost town killing mcs for damned coins. Looks like my old costumes will be appreciated alittle longer. Pyramidhead and a nurse weilding a sythe? Either way this years event will be a lot better. Even though u only needed 20 damned coins when event first came out, that still was a lot....
  17. troll mask reserved to pvprange :crazy: theirs a cloth helmet and leather helmet version, both look the same: leather came from shaman amanita, cloth i bought in market. also i did 30 deaths at the greedy silver quest area, and i got dandy the frogyl bane both times :bad:
  18. Afro I never implied it takes skill to be the best ranger, I'm simply implying that ascetics views about a ranger are stereotypical. And for a short while barbarians charge (2.0 or somewhere around there) wasn't working right against rangers. I remember a short few weeks it was almost impossible for me to kite them. I need to go reread again apparently? I'll be waiting for actual arguments instead of singling out us rangers with complaints that have already been fixed from previous patches. Theirs a reason my SS is level 1, and I never use dodge buff since in my opinion its a waste of mana during a jumping. As I said these are my personal opinions, my ego isn't over-inflated enough to brag about opinions as facts and ranting anyone with a different outlook. I can kite rogues, until then keep giving bogus excuses why u die in forum ascetic
  19. The farther we are from 2.0, the less people signal to start PvP. Even old players are resorting to not signaling, its universal code now to just blindly attack someone as long as their same level as you
  20. You havnt faught many talanted warlocks yet (more then reaperdark) trust me when I say I feel helpless against them. Their able to stack stuns AND kite, its insane And using cloth armor as the reason for imbalance is just plain blaiming the games combat triangle. Also you said barbarians were nerfed, that implies they used to be good, further implying they used to have advantage. Your answering your own questions.
  21. singling out the elf sides dps class and being opposing faction's dps class (which i may remind you has the disadvantage of melee only) is the typical approach to someone who doesn't have any actual opinions to back up what they personally believe. not everybody plays like you, so not everybody has the same opinions. you can resort to counter-sarcasim, ill do you one better. barbarians used to be the rangers weakness, now it being mainly shaman and warlock. if rangers have money, they will beat any class besides those two (only against people amped the same or under) assuming bless works on at least two hits during the whole fight and they get the first hit (reason being people hate rangers). similar to shamans stacking stuns against bladedancers, rangers can stack traps if kiting; i can go on for rogues aswell (but you've already mastered that). theirs a reason were both considered glass cannons, id like to see anyone with leather armor trying to kill solely on dps alone; which everyone knows happens when theirs an over-amp situation when fighting anybody ingame. this isn't fact, it's a general guideline due to past experiences. anybody can get critical hits, first hits, opposing skill's missed/failed, etc. etc. thats what makes it worth trying again after death. may i remind you my defence has been 1054 since december 2011, just recently i've been starting to wear magic armor more often making my defence even less then that (this being my main gear i wear under a costume). if melee classes have a hard time hiting me, i have to prioritize and i see no reason amping at all even +1 (for rangers only, shamans and warlocks your call). we need an amp system that makes magical defence more every amp but keeping the melee defence the same. once that gets in the game i can see rangers being more popular as they were before. till now ill be lurking, waiting... because honestly i get my ass handed to me 80% of the time against shamans and warlocks who were the same amp as me. now remind me what your arguments were for why rangers take no skill, besides it being your "personal opinion". you and me both know that if a ranger is brain-dead (most elfs are sadly) a rogue has no problem shanking them to death chaining stuns and going invisible for cooldowns (assuming they both have the same amp). if the ranger is following you the whole fight, they also wont be able to use traps (and are forced to use scatter shot in the way not intended for best dps). different tier equipment (using arena brackets as a reference) have different strategy's aswell, honestly the 13 level equipment have the best stats (stats as in attack speed, critical, whatevers good for your class). compare the stats of equipment level 13 to the doom tier level 18, level 13 have better pvp stats when up against someone using the same level equipment. thats what makes having an arena character for 11-14 soo fun. fyi everytime i use the word amp i mean the persons amp on their weapon. which ultimately decides the battle if under even grounds (using my guideline as a base).
  22. lol ya guys, lets all go back to jaws appreciation thread cus hes the coolest eva! not like the previous discussions have already been established as a clique rating system. and hes right rangers have no skills, only rogues who time their stun and hide invisible are pro :facepalm:
  23. ive almost collected every piece, already have the two troll masks, only missing halloween and snow elf and the dragonslayer cloak that has different colors
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