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  1. uh, by market i was implying the player market, not the miracle shop. also, im curious: since the lower the level, the lower the enchant; would a critical enchantment for a level 13 item be around the same as an old enchantment from last year? ex - 1.9% deadliness from AA crystal ( 2% shop crystal 2.5% old crystal from 2011.
  2. thanks to the both of you for the quick replies, and to coolcat ive been merching and flipping since oct 2011 :dirol: halloween 2012 was the FIRST time i EVER spent money on this game over $1 (i only pay cash for repair scrolls and when im first giving a new item a rune and crystal buff, which i consider a fair exchange in terms of the server being free-to-play) i was literally one step away from buying out everything in market with the word "ice" in it, thinking they would be once in a lifetime critical enchants and shop being slightly lower.
  3. are they just a method to enchant without having to buy any additional runes/crystals from shop, or do they give better stats then the miracle coin versions? please any info would be much appreciated honestly after losing $50 to the halloween event for items worth a total of 50k, ive given up on personally buying holiday event items from real cash, otherwise id be here posting the info for you all to see.
  4. everything you said is spot on, well done
  5. that elf costume costed like 10x less last year
  6. if they separated the fights between parties and random id never quit warspear.
  7. same thing already happened to me, 100% true. when "new" enhancements came out (that replaced low runes/etc.) last year or so, i bought the new bow crystal with mc from shop; and my bow went down in damage :bad:
  8. pvp cave doesnt prove anything anymore :facepalm:
  9. this may be the day i decide to eventually stop playing. me and my lv14 druid full old equips will no longer be OP :( and swaaz has old runed full arena set, also no longer OP :( now anyone with money has an advantage 100%, used to be money users 90% old players 10% time to spam runes and crystals for critical enhancement :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: old runes - no longer best troll costume/pumpkin costume - masks cost 3k now, who cares about costume? rangers - nerfed (scatter shot), druids - nerfed (cant use bees for crit resistance) i have nothing to get me attention anymore :cray: (at least im honest)
  10. lafette is a known ganker, just put him on your "list" and move on.
  11. i like how you express your opinions, its just like how i argue when im mad. strictly facts, no sugar coating, no name calling; just simple logic. goodluck to you
  12. im taking your side, only because you called someone out by saying speak in your foreign language now. haha so true, once they lose an argument they spam their other language and spread lies to get support from people who know that language. OMG YOU KNOW HOW I SPEAK LETS BACK EACH OTHER UP FROM THAT REASON ALONE!!!
  13. your ignorance is annoying, put in the fact its 2vs2 and NOT 1vs1 and everything you said is out of whack. rating isnt over skill, its over whether or not your willing to wait for a "good" partner instead of doing random partner.
  14. sigh, let me clarify: log on my druid, ganked. go back to cave, ganked AGAIN log on ranger whos logged at nadir, walk in cave. kill everybody involved cant be more clear then that, i can defend myself if i want. you and me both know theirs much worse out their then me. im the lesser of two evils :dirol: edit: the topic of this thread was "thinning out the herd" of known gankers, i simply stated i was "cleansing" the cave since last year
  15. :facepalm: cave is for healers and tanks obv, glass cannons are shunned upon after a fair match then ganked :crazy:
  16. ive been personally doing this every day since pvp cave was "popular"i have a personal list of all gankers in my head and just run in kill then leave. (or get ganked and die) after 100s of hours doing this, and using previous assumptions of it always ending in a war... its not worth it and no karanean i dont gank :facepalm: i kill people who ganked me first only. shame on you new players for making assumptions
  17. most players who already dont care about their arena rating (since beta arena ended and no more waiting in nadir) will always go random partner (me) since random partner makes you think on your toes and helps make new strategy. but your right, mcs are better :crazy:
  18. arena rating is under character now, which i have no complaints about
  19. no fair analyze got costume for 10x less battles then i did in 5vs5 :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
  20. incentive? you didnt have any motivation till everybody else did when they "thought" getting first place in DEAD TIER HIGHSCORES would reward you with anything but the arena points you earned per match. hurr durr im too poor to be "good" in 2 vs 2 let me spam tickets for the last remaining few days since i know you can get uber cool 1337 costume if i play in arena matches that nobody does. (may i remind you aigrind was aware of nobody playing in 3vs3 and 5vs5 last update, otherwise they'd have no reason to change it next season) you actually think you deserve anything? those highscores were up for a year and werent active until last week. all 10 of you complaining for 3vs3 and 5vs5 :facepalm: :facepalm:
  21. havnt bothered, knew since day one :wacko:
  22. you didnt come off harsh, we were discussing opinions. nothing personal. if anything thanks for the info about level 3-5 chains
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