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  1. you play rotmg? i just started last week, already 15 star rank. its a shame i missed out on grave looting. why did i have to join soo late :cray:
  2. comes from white elder's bag, paying gold
  3. ill keep it short and sweet, im buying these 2 items. will outbid anyone severe cold armor (chest piece only, level 17 holiday) ice queens greater amulet willing to pay 50k for either, 100k for both
  4. the only thing devs have done was decrease the amount of cc you get when turning in lost relic
  5. i opened 50 sets (yes 50 sets, took me over 2 hours to open) for halloween event, nothing. goodluck getting me to spend any money on bags ever again :lol:
  6. the ONLY reason warlocks are OP is because inbred elfs under the age of 12 like "rushing" to their enemy with 0% strategy HURR DURR IF IM QUICK ENOUGH MAYBE ILL HIT THEM FIRST (still doing the same damn thing after trying that 1000 times) if anyone on my server had a brain they'd know how to wait and be cautious so the warlocks would have cooldowns to wait on (scanning area for enemies and changing tactics accordingly)
  7. to my knowledge since 3.0 bees were reworked to only be a dot effect. ive truly missed old bee skill as for my druid i was never worried about crits. now its different =/
  8. Jswaaz


    if you cant beat em, join em :crazy: iaintevenmad
  9. Jswaaz

    psp download

    you can hack android onto a psp thats all im saying
  10. assuming the halloween skins were added late as a courtesy, they may be removed too
  11. the second i hit enter i saw your siggy, and now i feel like ive picked the wrong side. :'(
  12. Jswaaz


    no hes right, take all the christmas trees down because they hurt third world kids feelings :(
  13. ^ and whats gonna happen? edit: are those from fire emblem? i remember how badass the attack animations were
  14. idk why, but to me the funniest part was "the warspear issue"
  15. thats kiting :facepalm: wasnt talking about that. this is before anybody has attacked. by pretending to charge them some people may panic (or think their smart by predicting where youd run) and use their aoe skills on you. but by falling back last second theyll miss, giving you the advantage over cooldowns.
  16. im loving how you fail to include the one class that actually needs help in skills.
  17. try dealing with that on a daily basis. knowing theirs nothing you can do, because of their age :facepalm: stacking was an advantage god knows how long ago, now i prefer the "fake out" when i pretend to charge like an idiot then fall back at the last second. of course its a double edged blade, because i tend to "fake out" my partner also :bad:
  18. best thread this year, by FAR. i aint afraid of facebook picture stealers :dirol:
  19. in terms of any mmorpg ever played, crowd control goes to the AOE casters. and guess who doesnt have any AOE's?
  20. that made my day, here i am assuming critical enchantments would be double, when in reality if the item isnt past lv15 its the same as old enchantment :)
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