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  1. selling ranger pm me *pms* how much ranger? "i sell ranger novice 10k" now what?
  2. they ban for a reason, not because youre br
  3. Jswaaz

    Lvl14 "pros"

    those items werent even hers to begin with idk was random partner. pretty sure it was a priest
  4. ^ link is legit, no virus
  5. looks like i only have permission to remove your pic >.
  6. but youre already too busy camping pvpcave for gank? you realize ANY boss will be camped by elves when it first comes out, not like MC's have never farmed before. you know the cycle
  7. good person, but member of scammer guild rip
  8. you need 10 approved posts before you can change profile
  9. theres a spanish forum, this is english forum. most people here dont speak english as their first language
  10. Jswaaz

    Lvl14 "pros"

    i got idrink and his +10 partner to half health with a lv11 +0 partner literally has no strategy after first hit from stealth
  11. wasnt even pvp, just another "special" child ganking in cave then bragging about it, seeing the mentality of your skill spam, wtfl would just mana burn after signal, and youd be downed within 2 minutes xhero 2.0
  12. sounds fun, i only have explosive cage (shit) and fire arrow. i have my excuses ready if i lose lol, cant afford the good expert skills. just use what you want, the lower the amp the more you can brag playin runescape now, maybe tomorrow afternoon
  13. just because certain players arent in your clique doesnt mean they will be biased if given the opportunity also, dont appreciate you stating account selling isnt against the rules however i agree, i dont trust anyone. its better with never knowing when an admin is watching, rather than give the opportunity to children/immature adults
  14. haha most rangers either stay still and dont move, or trap but fair miserably at baiting their opponent i wont say no to a fight, but id like to know how many expert skills you have, what level you are, and what amp ur 15 blades are
  15. you can kite rogues if you scatter after they jump, however its only for a few moments until their skill cooldowns are back. sometimes thats all the time you need though... i can still troll BD's and DK's (dk's pull skill doesnt stun on impact, 100% of the time you can scatter a DK after he pulls you, even if he has stun ready, and i find BD's run skill very unreliable, i havnt actually died to it yet, if anything when i see them running towards me i just trap. cant scatter BD's anymore, since its same range as their hamstring. back in 2012 scatter used to be 5 yards instead of 2. only way to beat bds is with trap/kite with fire arrow + powershot) rogues take alot more strategy to even stand a chance now, most of the time you cant use any skills in order to stay out of jumps range. base hit being 6 yards and all skills being 5 yards. just trap + base hit. but the second you do a skill rogue is in range to jump you. but since poison doesnt stack with jump (which kills kiting) you can always scatter after a jump and continue fighting (only works if youre fast enough, similar to scattering DK's after pull), usually with fire arrow to get back in 6 yard range easier with the tick delay. i really wish i had the money to afford buying the 2 newest ranger skills, id love forming strategies with them =/
  16. Jswaaz

    need gold...lol

    i dont even have all my expert skills =/ >pay for a skill thats literally ironic, shouldn't it take skill, to get a skill?
  17. could be confusing you with another "pro" ranger who got the can for multiboxing arena season 2, however i know you were involved in the great ban war of 2012 :^) >assuming youre username is "scout" from 2011 and not another player with scout in their name lol half of the rich community in early 2012 was duping miracle coins with SMS glitch, all accounts found doing it once or twice by accident werent banned.
  18. gib me mony or i reprt u
  19. indeed and to my knowledge he came back on another account, and was banned a second time for multiboxing.
  20. no, you were in gaysha clique then got presents from perez
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