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    Weile got a reaction from Yaraldine in Estabilidad perdida....   
    Si la oportunidad de stun es 100%, realmente poco importa el nivel del arma.... 
    Y tambien si hay la posibilidad de hacer un ciclo de stuns, también poco importa amplificación.
    La insatisfacción ocurre cuando se tiene una amplificación muy superior al adversario y él sólo depende de no errar su ciclo de stun para vencer. Realmente eso frusta.
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    Weile reacted to Yaraldine in Estabilidad perdida....   
    Se que muchos se van a sentir identificados,
    hay profesiones las cuales amplificas +10 y tienes full poder wow... pero que venga un novato con un arma "lvl1" full stun q no te da chance de nada (¿Es una burla verdad?).
    Entonces maldices y te haces la pregunta wtf!!!? Jejeje es algo ridiculo y lo peor es que hay profesiones q nunca fallan son 100% 
       La pregunta real es
    ¿Hasta cuando?
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    Weile reacted to Daria in [2017.09.21] Testing Warspear Online client for WIndows Desktop   
    There is a new version of the game client that we'd like you to test.
    In this beta-version of the Windows Desktop client:
    * added fullscreen mode (may be changed by Alt+Enter or in the menu)
    * improved windowed mode (you can now change the window size as you'd like)
    * added in-game music
    UPD new beta-client:
    * Fixed the bug with Alt+Tab in full screen mode
    * Fixed the issue with CPU and performance
    The game now uses OpenGL rendering, so make sure that you have the latest version of video driver installed. The minimum version is OpenGL 1.3, the recommended – OpenGL 3.0.
    If there are any issue with how the game is displayed (for example, black screen of death), the game fails to launch or even crashes, please, provide us with the following information:
    - model of you CPU
    - model of your video card
    - info about OpenGL driver from the game log (Warspear_systemlog.txt), these should be the lines like the following:
    15:04:16.279 [GL INFO ] Version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 384.94
    15:04:16.281 [GL DEBUG] <GL_ARB_multitexture> extension supported
    15:04:16.281 [GL DEBUG] <GL_ARB_multitexture> OpenGL version 1.3 supported
    Install it, play and, please, report on any bugs and errors you experience!
    We're waiting for your feedback!
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    Weile reacted to Keystore in Charmer - Trolls in Solo   
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    Weile reacted to vla-wot in VLADEATH EU-EMERALD   
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    Weile reacted to Omercix in [2017.09.11] Weekly ratings tournament in all categories! Astonishing rewards are waiting for you only this week!   
    Really ? I did not know that , you illuminated me 
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    Weile reacted to Daria in Battles for castles. Schedule and information.   
    Warriors of Arinar!
    This topic is for schedule and any official information concerning battles for castles. Pay attention that the schedule may change in the future.
    Forest's Heart, castle in the I sector of Ayvondil
    Minimum level of the guild: 3 (SEA-Pearl: 3)
    Jaguar's Den, castle in the II sector of Ayvondil
    Minimum level of the guild: 4 (SEA-Pearl: 3)
    Dragon Ness, castle in the III sector of Ayvondil
    Minimum level of the guild: 5 (SEA-Pearl: 3)
    Sky Sanctuary, castle in the IV sector of Ayvondil
    Minimum level of the guild: 6 (SEA-Pearl: 3)
    Battles for guild castles take place once a week, on Sunday. Thus, a minimal period of owning a castle is 4 weeks.
    US-Sapphire - 05:00 CEST (next day) EU-Emerald - 17:00 CEST SEA-Pearl - 15:00 CEST BR-Tourmaline - 02:00 CEST (next day) RU-Amber - 20:00 CEST RU-Topaz - 18:00 CEST RU-Ruby - 19:00 CEST  
    General discussion of the battles for territories: https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/60557-battles-for-castles-general-discussion/
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    Weile reacted to Keystore in Charmer vs DK. Who win?!   
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    Weile reacted to Nihtgale in [2017.08.14] Double event of the week: Might of Guilds and Rush of Knowledge! Get ready for Guild Castles capture!   
    Warriors of Arinar!

    Fierce battles for Guild Castles in the land of Ayvondil will begin soon. Become fully armed, leveling up your guild and grabbing double profit, precious rewards and unique skill books only this week!

    Prizes and offers are waiting for you:
    - 15 finalists of the Guild Tournament (counts for the "Neverfading glory" achievement):
       places 1-3: the double amount of Crimson Corundums for winning the Guild Tournament;
       places 4-10: all Guild members will be rewarded with Crimson Corundums and a Bronze Chest;
       places 11-15: all Guild members will be rewarded with a Bronze Chest.
    - A 50% discount on leveling up a Guild from level 1 to level 6 (less Guild Points needed).
    - A 50% discount on learning all Guild skills (less Guild Points, Unity Signs and gold needed).
    - A 50% discount on renaming a Guild.
    - The double amount of Guild Points given for completing all Dungeons.

    Also, during this week you can go to the guild Dungeon "Champion's Coliseum" of any difficulty level and get valuable heroic armor and empower relics. And it isn't necessary to have won the Guild Tournament to enter the Champion's Coliseum!

    But there's even more!
    - You can visit any heroic Dungeon and get an absolutely unique book with expert skill "Enhanced Penetration".
    - In each Dungeon of high and heroic difficulty levels you can get expert skill books for every class (104 skills!). 

    Events start: 14.08.2017 13:00 CEST
    Events end: 21.08.2017 12:00 CEST

    Good luck and see you in the game!
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    Weile reacted to Gladiator in Increase Boss Drop Rate For All Bosses   
    Dungeon drop rates are fine, but boss drop rate sucks, the gears there suck too. I wish devs bring back valuable boss hunting, like the good ol' lab.
    I just agree to increase the drop rate of rare craft material, because they are so rare and thus expensive. And craft upgraded gears cost incredibly too much, unrealistic for a casual player to put his hands on.
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    Weile reacted to Yndinha in [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1   
    1- Soadyndi BR-TOURMALINE
    2- Strikers lvl5

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    Weile reacted to Daria in [2017.08.08] Applications for testing update 7.1   
    Hooray, guys! This time we decided to officially open test server not only for Russian players!
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    Weile reacted to Urscrewed in Goodbye, quitting, leaving, urscrewed, as always.   
    Hello welcome new member to these forums, i see you have managed the brain capacity to start a fire. Now you see this post was not meant to start drama, but seeing as though you went outside of your own time to find this post, means that you must acknowledge me in some way, but of course, i am a lowly civilian and you are the highest god.
    What could i possibly say that would please you? Nothing i do will allow me to transcend you so i might as well say what comes to my mind what i associate elasiri and his earthogs with
    ~Earwigs (search it)
    ~Dying brain cells
    ~Rich tycoons who commit suicide after realisation that they have failed in their life quest for an actual life.
    ~Cancer (The damaged cells)
    ~The entirety of the toxicity and ego on the emerald server. Both elf and mc.
    ~The entirety of gold and signs and items and virginities he has bought for the past 5 years.
    ~The nudes that he bought, apparently gives him more ego* (i dont get this one)
    ~The constant non stop contest to stop people from removing him from his "throne" (non existent of course, but we let him have it because without it what would he be?)
    ~Going to great lengths to ensure his win, i.e. reporting lyzois, backstabbing players.
    ~Cancer (Have i gone over this?)
    and lastly and finally
    The ever lasting deterioration of this games final hope at a helpful and friendly community.
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    Weile reacted to REAPER in Goodbye, quitting, leaving, urscrewed, as always.   
    Hello there, and goodbye..
    I can't even remember how our ways crossed in this game or when. I never watched a single of your videos, its not my style and i was bugging you to stop promote em in the chats we used to share. In the years that have passed i have to admit you are a rather nice and friendly player always in the search for something new. Now about the things you said, balance. This little simple yet so strong word has destroyed the best classes in the game in favour of others. Making them unwanted in parties, dungeons, hunts, even in arena. (talking about paladin, necromancer, barbarian, bladedancer and yes, even ranger too.) People get disappointed when the class and hero they love from one day to another is a walking piece of junk. Most quit the game. Some, the hopeless romantics ones say "i will try another class, i have so many friends in game" only to get their dreams crushed again. Now for the guides you suggest, they are indeed in forum by players that took time to write em, testing calculating again and again so they can help others. There were those like you that decided to make a video about it. More detailed easier to access. But when you want to play a game, no matter how hard it is you go through with it. I made a pala at the time where most quests were not yet translated to english and if you were lucky you had a green dot in the map. You went there and did try to figure it out. Was it a pickup quest? A kill quest? Just a chat with a friendly npc? That is what made the first players help each other. They had a reason to be friendly. Elves at least on emerald server have long forgotten they started at 1lvl. Most act like they were always +10 and 28lvl. In mc side people are still helpful and friendly, at least to me. So you should consider it to join the "dark side" but please stay away from the cookies. (they are mine) 
    This is seb, hello and goodbye..
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    Weile reacted to Urscrewed in Goodbye, quitting, leaving, urscrewed, as always.   
    After around 5 years of playing, on and off ive decided to quit the game. For a few reasons.
    1. Unbalance, yes the game has been balanced quite a few times with classes being nerfed and buffed accordingly, but the unbalance that im talking about is the difference between spenders and non spenders. I know you need money to develop the game and i know many more companies which have spending issues much more insane than AiGrind so i applaud you on that.
    But despite this, it is still very diffult for new players to progress in the game, not only is getting new items very very diffcult, there are no proper guides or walkthroughs on hoe to play warspear. Sure, the game help you in the first few quests, by directing you in ehat to do, but aside from that its very difficult. The game is unable to keep players, most players probably quit before they even get to irselnort.
    I personally enjoy late game much more when your gear is well amped and in general its much more fun than being low level. But to get to a decent position in the game takes way too damn long, players quit because it takes so much effort, time and frustration just to complete a town's quests. 
    2. Community, the warspear community is somewhat less toxic when it comes to communities especially when comparing them to games like League of legends and World of Warcraft. But despite this, the game community is still very unfriendly and promotes a dog eat dog world/society. MMORPG's are places where players collaborate to help each other, but the game doesnt offer many places where people are needed for their ability to connect and doesnt award people who help others.
    The game doesnt encourage helping in many ways, no drops for high levels in low level dungeons (Even spheres and pots), Takes lots of time to walk to different maps, switching islands takes gold that accumulates easily into a lot of it. Thus, players who are new feel a sense of disconnection and unwant in general, not able to gain help to defeat a boss on the first isle and the game gets uninstalled. 
    One way that developers could correct this eould be to give terrible drops or achievements in helping others. Not only would this bring the community together with newbies but also promote more positive gameplay. Because the current game status is where the overpowered players spam with their own guild. While regular players are never invited or rarely ever participate. basically. if you arent in the top guild, you wont get anywhere very quickly.
    World chat is also a big problem for the game, where racial slurs and constantly mumbled with no consequences, very surprising since the same word could get your channel banned on twitch. The profanity filter should be on NO MATTER WHAT, and constantly swearing or being racist should be penalised with chat bans or perma account bans. Action has to be taken against those who share accounts, and promote a negative gameplay style, more has to be done to keep players from leaving this very quittable game.
    3. Boredom/ Repetition, warspear online rarely has event nowadays, one at spring, halloween and christmas, with a double drop event every 2 months or so. But in between these time periods there is nothing interesting to do, after you have maxed reputation, completed all crafts, done all quests, maxed gear, there is simply nothing to do. There is no goal to attain after a certain level as nothing grabs your attention. Few people actually continue to quest at t1~t2 avyondil after reaching 1.8k reputation as the grind simply isnt worth it, and doing marakosh/ pelion (elf) every single day becomes repetitive especially when you go with similar people each day.
    Not only are quests, dungeons and maps uninteresting as the game goes on. Classes also become boring, nothing is ever experimented in warspear as they are never viable to begin with. There is a reason nobody maxes explosive trap on ranger, because it sucks. There is a reason there are never any full block paladins, because they get outscaled, outclassed and outdamaged by so many better options. Why are there no full dodge rangers, or full parry bladedancers? Because these stats are completely overruled by much more overbearing stats like damage, defence and lifesteal. 
    4. Effort, skill capping. The game becomes very boring for most people because this game does not reward players for skill, this game is almost 99% pay to win because as long as you have good gear stomping the enemy is much easier. You will never see a +5 mage defeat a +9 kage or same items, not only because is no skill required in casting spells but also because the damage a +9 mage does is significantly higher than a +5 one. It does not matter how well the weaker mage plays, he will still be called a noob for losing. Sure, you may have to be able to cast your stuns on deathknight in the correct order but do you think a +5 dk could kill a +9 dk of same items? No, Impossible.
    One way devs could fix this issue would be to make skills non targetting, thus eliminating a continuos stun if the enemy could dodge them. Not only would this bring much more skill based gameplay, it would cause fights to become much more intense, reward players for skill, and better amped players would still have an advantage though less important because of it.
    Ive ranted for quite a bit now and my fingers are beginning to hurt from this typing. Ill probably move to a game that rewards skill much more than power, a game that encourages good behaviour, a game that treats all players fairly, a game where players feel glad to be a part of.
    Ill still roam these forums for unsuspecting fools to assassinate, but apart from that, i will rarely ever login again to my account, i wish you guys all the best of luck. Thanks for making these past 5 years a good experience, Daria, Julie, Peter_Munk, R0land, and all other admins, for the other dedicated players and forum stalkers, to in game friends and those who i have spent time with.
    My name is urscrewed, the best free ranger on eu emerald, and for the final time, peace out.
    p.s. Also love how im finishing on 420 posts. xD
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    Weile reacted to BennyBT in Barbarian's Stone Skin expert skill   
    This topic is a continuation of a comment added in the topic about Warden's invincibility.
    I created this topic under Support, because I believe this issue is an unfortumate mistake that needs to be looked after.
    Barbarian's stone skin was ruined with the introduction of retribution. Until then, only bladedancer's counterattack could eliminate that skill without the bladedancer even touching the barbarian. And that was fine, since counterattack is an expert skill.
    But with retribution released, the reflected damage, however little that was, eliminated stone skin, making it useless, since the skill only blocked 4 or 5 damage points, and that's not what it was created for.
    I don't see the purpose behind this. That skill got completely ruined. Moreover, snowy event equipment is quite popular among players, meaning that a lot of them have retribution on them, leaving no use of stone skin in PvPs.
    This happened a long time ago, and is clearly a mistake that was not yet taken care of. 
    Should I just wait until I got hit twice? Or should I not fight other players? Nah. It's called WARspear for a reason.
    I have an idea that might be a solution: the damage that was reflected with retribution should not affect this skill.
    Since stone skin is an expert skill, it deserves this kind of privilege.
    Thanks for reading, feel free to comment! (With respect, please)
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    Weile reacted to Turtle in Warden - monster or cheater?   
    Its Insane 4 People Tanking 50 People 
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    Weile got a reaction from Turtle in Warden - monster or cheater?   
    I believe that in all the servers has happened this type of case. A handful of wardens serving as a smokescreen in wars.
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    Weile got a reaction from Turtle in Warden - monster or cheater?   
    No kidding now...
    I'm sorry to the developers, but this is ridiculous. I think there should be limitations to these defensive skills in pvp. Which sentinel would like to fight against a barbarian with "infinite stone skin"?
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    Weile got a reaction from memo2o1o in Warden - monster or cheater?   
    NASA needs to study the Wardens!  HUAHUAHUA
    They are X-MEN
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    Weile reacted to Omercix in Warden - monster or cheater?   
    It was easy to stay alive with more mobs if they hit you about 0-200 per hit when  I was playing dk with full lifesteal . I was stealing hp from them  with steel hurricane and death call , also if my pt has a necro with posinous shield I become immortal against that mobs ( for example when I was killing kronus , my pt and I only att kronus ,mobs will die from stell hurricane and posinous shield damage )  .  Also I remember that I survived in elf cliff about 10 minutes against 10-15 low level people like around lvl 20 , I can stay alive more with better amped and full resist build dk , but to kill a  dk like that  you just need to stay away from him and stun him , UNFORTUNATELY this not working on WARDENS , if you hit them more they have better change to regenerate hp from BLOCK . That Block skill and FORTIFICATION  skill need a nerf . 
    Also dark shield reduce 100-150 dmg per hit max , stone skin stacks up to 2 hit max but this fortification works forever and reduce the upcoming any damage %50 , its just crazy.
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    Weile reacted to Suer in Suer | BR-Tourmaline   
    Hello, this is my pic to Beauty Contest.
    Good luck to everybody!

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    Weile reacted to Akasha in Warden - monster or cheater?   
    17.07.2016 - 17:11MSK
    Mighty adms,
    just entered the game and there was 1 Warden against 1 city who simply seemed immortal. After a couple of minutes he died, but a question remains in my mind: What skill allows one char to beat a city during minutes??? Is Warden's skills working the way they're supposed to??
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    Weile reacted to Wichiling in Wichiling | Br-Tourmaline   
    Wichiling | Br-Tourmaline

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