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  1. Can you guys nerf the rogue pls???? the dmg is seriously high than ranger. Thankyou!!! Btw rogue is a bully char and that is unfair for elfs. make both side happy,dont just nerf druid and BD. nerf rogue dmg and barbarian. the health regen is insane with just 2/4 -.- Also,make us happy pls,the chosen char. they really sucks because of you guys. its better to delete it the chosen and the dark side,its useless :!
  2. Well u are stupid creator, I don't think you have brain now. if you have problem with bd play one,its not that easy. If you have brain you should think of how to counter a BD. Beside rogue have high dmg same skill as bd,jump skill,poison,sleep,Invisible. you easily kill ranger why not BD?? are you afraid???!!!
  3. well nabnecro fk you man. Necro should be nerf their stuns. only 1 lvl out of 5. it takes to 5 sec or more. More importantly Necro is just like Warlock,with fear someshit. Yes i agree that druid have the stun skill root with damage, However to counter rogue.. druid should have more stun cause rogue are seriously over dmg with just poison, the jump skill and the common skill that rogue use invisible. Rogue should be deceasing their dmg. creator : Well dont get mad about it, look at the bright side. Barb have 2 times stun plus with health regen. its way more op than BD. So its fking balance noob. No offence its true and strong. Plus Rogue have the high dmg too compare to BD lol Dont get me wrong that the fact.
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