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  1. 11 minutes ago, Nmac said:

    That is just a mehanic of the game. Pets of druid, charmer and templar(don't know about necromancer and bm) are pve* mobs, so with ferocity they deal less damage to each other.

    Yes and no. Why do players then do increased damage to them with fero weapons? Either both do reduced damage or neither. Doesn't really make sense to me how it currently is. I don't personally really care if they fix this or not since I rarely need to kill other summons with my summon but it is just weird that my cat that does 1k dmg to the player does 100 damage to their summon.

  2. There simply isn't enough players for skill based or "power" based matchmaking and in this current arena format, where whoever does the most arena wins, that wouldn't even make sense. Also, if there was one, it would be abused by players by simply demanding arena on naked characters without ever having fear of anyone blocking them. 
    Maybe one day we get arena system where there is mmr and winning fights actually matters. That would mean banning win trading/throwing games like it's in every other competitive game but I think it's way too late to do that now since it has become basically the norm in arena.

  3. 7 hours ago, Gladiator said:

    Now I think stuns and silences are also removable, you just have to time it perfectly, if you're stunned during the 'returning' animation. 

    Yes, but if you don't have minion you can't do that. It works fine if you have the minion alive (Excluding some bugs if the minion was stunned when you try to return it).

  4. The skill says that it will remove controlling effects if you use it without the Moon Monster. But you can't use the skill during controlling effects. Is there a bug or should it say something else? Also the duration of the Tailwind buff is 6 seconds on every level, I think it should increase when you level up the skill. @Nolan


  5. 13 minutes ago, Blazeferno said:

    Have windows client always looked so large? Even with small UI, contents look unusually large. Is it possible to make it smaller? 

    It's better to use the client in windowed mode. Full screen doesn't work well.

  6. 6 hours ago, Kyrai said:

    Beastmaster isn't good name. I prefer call it Tamer.

    Tamers with spear makes a lot of burst damage to enemies, Im including tigger+player.

    The worst thing is the skill copy of Mantra of healing, buffed with AoE healing talent they cant be attacked, this is very problematic in the future.

    • 2 character's damage class which cannot be attacked.

    The skill doesnt heal much if you are using spear so you can't really have a burst build with heal build at the same time.

  7. 2 hours ago, Laevateinn said:

    It looks like 6 yards to myself but 2 yards to the server. And in the case of Warlock, the correct position is more important than the screen bug because hitting the control skill is directly related to survival I understand how he feels.


    Players playing in Europe seem to have an advantages over ping when referring to people's says and YouTube videos. But you can't go to Europe to play games, so it's also important to adapt to games like that. Other than me, Americans and Asians are in the same environment. Or find a way to make the overseas Internet connection distance the shortest I mentioned. I don't know about Warspear, but there are many cases of making ping good in many different games.

    Maybe they do, but again, ping has nothing to do with screen bugs. They happen even if you have 1 ping.

  8. Ping has nothing to with "screen bugs". Every time you use a skill or get hit you stop for brief moment on server side. On client side this isn't shown accurately. I don't think there's really a good way to fix that. The game would feel really slow and clunky if you fully stopped every time you used a skill.

    I guess you just need to learn to how screen bugs work and maybe try use them for your advantage.

    Here's clip of my 6 yard song with screen bug. (normally 2 yards)



  9. On 8/29/2022 at 1:03 PM, LeeLoo said:

    цепи преиспод.png Chains of the Underworld (active)
    Chains the enemy to the spot and decreases the target's "Skill recharge" parameter for some time.

    In demonic form, the effect of the skill is additionally applied to opponents within a certain radius from the main target.

    On 8/29/2022 at 1:03 PM, LeeLoo said:

    длань преиспод.png Hand of the Underworld (active)
    A series of two attacks that deal physical damage to the enemy. Also deals the "Stun" debuff to the enemy for some time if both attacks have dealt damage.

    In demonic form, skill damage cannot be blocked, parried, or dodged. The duration of stun also increases.

    Seems to be two "stuns", unless Chains only stops them. I assume it does the same as bds hamstring.

  10. 51 minutes ago, Puppymaster said:

    always phah or yy members on top :come_on:

    Would be nice if there was some competition, it's getting kinda boring after years of no one else trying.

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