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  1. GMs can you add effect when barbarian using this skill? it's different with Ennoblement's mage when you use this skill it shows green aura. You don't know if a barbarian used this skill or not because there are no constant animation effect like mage's skill. Thanks if you read this
  2. add priest's mystic mark in your list bro, it's AoE without clear limit restriction still clearly remembered how elves cried so hard in the previous skill update, heal totem, absolute reflex, warlock bla bla ... MC op in war bla bla laughing so hard, because that time I almost create this similiar post (somehow I could resist it)
  3. finally you MCs could fell what elves' feel, how to be raped
  4. jajajaja true. where this kind of post when elves were always raped by MCs in previous update skill I guess no one bats an eye. somehow GM can't make it balance each skill update. Last update MC win, this update elf win, next maybe MC win again.
  5. Not all classes have stealth skill, if ya wanna fair then all enemies should be hidden from location. Rest suggestions are nice
  6. Armistice range is only 4 yards It's hard to armistice BD, with misposistioning bug they can ham from 3-4 yards. I've already pressed this skill from far away but BD always ham me first. I don't know if this case is misposistioning bug or there are casting time in every skill, it's looks like this skill have delay for a very short time for animation. With this little delay it actually reduce 1 yard from what actually written in skill description, Priest's armistice in description it's written if it's range is 4 yards but if you try to cast it in enemy that enemy still can walk 1-2 yard and make armistice actual range is 3 yards maybe even 2 yards. or this all caused by my network connection
  7. One doesn't simply say "pay attention when trading" to new players, they know nothing in this matter (full bag-scamming mechanism). I think it's possible to trace main player by tracing i.p address. In another game GM have console command that could trace someone's i.p address, but they won't bother to trace someone's i.p address without legit proof if he/she is scammer.
  8. This is what I meant, even if you lose you still get reward. Look at the battle result, it's very intensive battle. This battle should be held once a month, that usual special war with longer duration buff (3 days) is useless to motivate players from loser alliance to participate in war, in other hand it only motivate alliance with high percentage of winning and there will be imbalanced participant during war time. That's only my opinion, no animal was harmed in the making of this post and thanks for your attention. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/50618-20160204-anniversary-battle-for-territory-100-epic-fights/
  9. yeah make min amount of damage, so player bellow level 18 can participate as long he/she past the min requirement damage/heal
  10. Why not also give buff to lose faction like special war in the past? it can balancing the participation in war time, at that time elves give a hard fight back. Not like war last night, elves were wiped out 3-0 not more than 10 min.
  11. Thanks Molotow the Archaeologist
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