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  1. Thank you peter ,this is what i've been waiting for... But without halloween and snow its going to be boring ... Any gifts for us?
  2. Oh really? Thank you :flower: Now warspear will have more players , i hope aigrind give us something :shy:
  3. I know its not the right place to post this but why is game full of new chinese people? They spam wolrd chat on chinese ... and it started to lag, is something new coming in game or?
  4. Wow.. to restore char you need to spend 3999mcoins? Its too much , what about us who dont buy mcoins?
  5. Is there going to be lvl 30? And is it on warspear birthday?
  6. I still cant believe done so much dgs and got def spheres and candys :/
  7. This is so cool update but how much time need to wait ? i cant wait im so excited ahhh
  8. Add some achievements and are u going to give sone gifts answer pls :shy:
  9. Btw when u make new stuff and update add some achivements cuz i got sugestions for that
  10. BR TOURMALINE BUG i have made one char and got cl done and one guy have 5k maliat and 4k tlalocs i play on eu and i was bored so i made on br just to see other players and i got achuevement
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