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  1. UPDATE: this is how it looks Without Cape
  2. Costume name : The alchemist Venkize Story behind Venkize :- Once upon a time..... years ago a small town in arinar "lasreth" got raided by merciless monsters...blood thirsty monsters killed so many humans and burned the whole town.... Fortunately one man survived the deadly invasion... But was injured heavily with severe wounds and burned badly.... Some shamans found him alive on the roadside covered in Ash. .. So they took him with them ... Raised among the shamans.... He learnt magick.... Slowly he learnt witch craft and soon later he found out where these monsters were living ( the monsters who killed his family and many other humans on his town) he takes revenge on them.... kills the monsters by using poisonous acids, and various types of magical elixirs on them But it turned out that there were more of these monsters living in the arinar... since, then onwards he sacrificed his life on fighting monsters and deadly creatures. Costume description:- Venkize wears a greyish hat Venkize's armour is made up of normal cloth consists of cotton and silk . Venkize wears a skull as a mask because of his burned face. Venkize also has a skull on his belt (as a sign of shamanism) Venkize has a Cape (which he wears to protect himself from deadly entities) How Venkize can be in warspear online ( the possibility) :- Whenever there is any battle between sentinels vs legion..... Sometimes beings from mountain clans/forsaken and sometimes elves / the chosens come knocks on the door of Venkize for help... To create powerful elixirs for them so that they can become invincible warriors in deadly battles. This is how it looks under 45x25 pixels: Name: Davenci Server: Eu-Emerald
  3. Venki

    Barbarian vs seeker

    I didnt compared seeker with barb.... I just showed how much deadly a Seeker is in pvp
  4. Venki

    Barbarian vs seeker

    Nothing needs to be taken seriously This is just a FRIENDLY PVP video i made for fun.
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