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  1. Along with level 26 belts are we going to find new lvl 28 equips on Cloth,Light,Heavy armor in craft profesion ? Or only the belts with this update?
  2. Venki


    Yes ofc I had done them or I wouldn't be unlocking bg tower,gatekeeper quest. I just noticed. It was my foolishness didn't paid much attention to all the quests I had. There was this quest named " dark prophecy " now after doing it I have all those new lab quests available. Thanks !
  3. Venki


    Yes Are you talking about the 3 quests which we need to complete to unlock ayvondil ?
  4. For some reason idk why I don't have new lab quests on my charmer , but on my barb i have it unlocked. When it comes to quest I had levelled them up both the same way leaving only yellow quests of "six shadows" and " heroic bg quest ". Anyone here know how to unlock new lab quests ? Btw I have ayvondil t4 unlocked on both the chars.
  5. As it is said , No reputation is required for all dgs in ayvondil on all difficulties, Does that mean now during this event period of time we can clear all (easy normal hard) yellow dg quests of town 1(garden) and town 2 (tialocs) and unlock town 3(garu) without doing the dailies which we used to do to reach the specific reputation limit in order to complete these dgs? @Daria @Reivenorik
  6. Exact 2 more hotkeys will perfectly fit there but i guess it would take time. Since they just added one.
  7. Venki

    We need to talk

    If that was rude ill apologize to you @Morgana , but it really pissed me off when you closed my topic i just wanted to hear a response from an administrator on that issue and thats it. And I didnt created this topic to make drama. Am done with this End this topic here please
  8. Venki

    We need to talk

    I see what went down here, @Morgana if you dont like something you should better ignore it rather than interfering in it without any knowledge and closing it. I understand mods job but Just because your a mod that doesnt means that you have all rights to abuse your power. He posted his problem in a tavern section about something for which he was getting called out. You tell me If he cant write in tavern then where should he go? Why would you close my topic ? When i am waiting here to hear a response from dev. I came here to talk about my problem. What similarity did you found in these topics? is this how you treat ? I thought we players are free to talk about our problems. I feel exhausted.
  9. Waheed why do you want her to close this topic ? I am waiting here for response from dev even if it has to take time ill wait. Mind you , if it was an ingame problem i wouldnt have come this far to write about it.
  10. I reported earlier today. You know my pain brother I agree , muting a player for a period of time doesnt makes any sense at all. When he's capable of doing the same thing after a while to someone else. I respect the rules but these Punishments doesnt seems enough to me Anyways thanks for the support everyone.
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