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  1. Along with level 26 belts are we going to find new lvl 28 equips on Cloth,Light,Heavy armor in craft profesion ? Or only the belts with this update?
  2. Venki


    Yes ofc I had done them or I wouldn't be unlocking bg tower,gatekeeper quest. I just noticed. It was my foolishness didn't paid much attention to all the quests I had. There was this quest named " dark prophecy " now after doing it I have all those new lab quests available. Thanks !
  3. Venki


    Yes Are you talking about the 3 quests which we need to complete to unlock ayvondil ?
  4. For some reason idk why I don't have new lab quests on my charmer , but on my barb i have it unlocked. When it comes to quest I had levelled them up both the same way leaving only yellow quests of "six shadows" and " heroic bg quest ". Anyone here know how to unlock new lab quests ? Btw I have ayvondil t4 unlocked on both the chars.
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