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  1. Man, its lvl19 pvp gear vs lvl23 pvp gear While lv17-20 arena is lvl17 pvp gear against lvl19 pvp gear thats ok But lvl23 is really too much...
  2. No need for lvl17 with lvl20, just remove lvl23 from lvl20...
  3. Also, they are abusing lvl20s, they make party with lvl20 on purpose so he can have fun destroying everyone, big difference is between Sphere II and Sphere III amping, huge difference in dmg and stats, do something about it. +10 warlock cant beat him, only charmer barely can beat him, BALANCE!
  4. Alright devs, what the hell? Why u made lvl20 againts lvl23? I cant spam arena due to lvl23 bd constantly demanding with lvl20 partner abusing lvl20 players, it is so unfair, his equip is lvl23 pvp and thats a hufe difference, not even +10 lvl20 pvp char can beat him. Turn off lvl23 players from lvl20... 17-20 levels should be matched up And 18-21 And 20 with 22lvl max and 18min Fix it, its so unbalanced. I make my self +10 for what? For lvl23 to rape me? Impossible to win especially bd, either nerf bd or lower levels matching system.
  5. Hi, so i cant write anything on world char or trade or even guild and private too, dont know why, could be the reason i renamed my char or what? Never spammed any chat and any ban received on chats dont know what happened?
  6. Hi, i would like to report a player Mgk from EU-Emerald, this guy is constantly insulting me and abusing, somehow he became jelly, I want some warning for him or something... Sometimes english sometimes on serbian
  7. Hi, so I woke up this morning and as a usual tradition I log my char in game, but the a problem appeared, says my account is blocked, so i went to gaming site and kept exploring and found a topic on forum that says reasons why it could happen, so i dont know why my account got banned, all 2 of them, and my little brothers account too, all 4 accounts are banned without a reason, i even buy mcoins on my account and i dont know why this happened, i would contact tehncial support but they not working, so how can i get help here on forum, dont know who to contact so i will make topic here... I also
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