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  1. Yes we mc are way outnumbered by elves. I'm pretty sure it's like that on all servers aswell. Personally it makes the game funner for me though.
  2. Finish all the quests you can on the first island, and then you will be prompted to take a ship to irselnort. This is where most people say the real game starts. There are lots of quests, new items, hard bosses, and for the first time in the game you will see enemy players. You will kill and be killed by enemy players multiple times. It's a fun time. Which faction are you?
  3. brenn


    Welcome! Don't stop playing after you get your computer though!
  4. Buying Tested estoc or pollaxe for 50k. Is anyone selling?
  5. Sweet pics! I never played when there were ranks.
  6. Nice tip I never knew that!
  7. Hello just interested in how my fellow players view the game. Simple poll just vote in which orientation you play the game. I do about half and half. I will play vertically if I am multi-tasking or not doing anything important. I switch to horizontal if I'm gonna be killing bosses or when I know I'll be playing for awhile without interruptions.
  8. Right, you guys may have a point. And I think i've been convinced now to try a 2h.
  9. Welcome to this awesome game! :)
  10. brenn

    Just Started

    Have fun it's a great game! First and second island are both fun!
  11. Light swords do just as much damage aas heavy swords. That's why I don't understand why everyone uses two handers and misses out on the defence/hp bonus.
  12. Good comment, but I need some more feedback so I did another experiment, I am trying to see how much total damage I am doing in a set amount of time, while using both a one-handed, and two-handed sword. Here are the base facts: acute broadsword (one-handed) hits every 2 secs does 111 damage 104 physical damage 118 combined physical damage acute longsword (two-handed) hits every 3.2 secs does 173 damage 166 physical damage 180 combined physical damage Now this number I'm about to use is just a guess. I estimate that 4 out of every 5 swings, actually hits my target and does damage. I will estimate the amount of damage each weapon deals out in a period of 64 seconds. With the acute broadsword(1-handed) I will swing 32 times and hit 25.6 times resulting in 2841.6 in damage With the acute longsword(2-handed) I will swing 20 times and hit 16 times resulting in 2768 in damage, however, if you add the accuracy bonus of 3.2% to this weapon you could end up with hitting 16.64 times in 64 seconds, dealing 2878.7 in damage. Looking at this experiment, there's so many variables to look at. I haven't calculated bringing in critical hit/attack speed/penetration/accuracy bonuses or using skills like strong blow. These two weapons are so close it's pretty much a draw. So until someone else can come up with something, I may just stick with a sword and shield, gaining the extra health and defence bonuses.... So please if anyone can come up with something, help me solve this struggle!
  13. A level one taunt will attract the enemy for only a few seconds. Level 5 lasts alot longer, until the cooldown ends, so you can pretty much have the monster on you constantly. Great skill for tanking.
  14. Is this another bugged quest or just me? You get this quest in Nadir-Sard from Kaima, it doesn't show where to go on the map...
  15. Which skills do you have maxed on your barbarian? I have Strong Blow and Taunt but now I'm thinking that I should have leveled Roar to 5 instead of Strong Blow to reduce damage to myself.
  16. Hello I play the Barbarian class and I was just wondering if it's better to use one handed weapons with a shield or just the two-handers. I prefer using a sword and shield, but rarely do I see any other barbarian with a one-handed weapon. I would like some feedback as to why some people prefer each weapon. Here are some stats Tested estoc(2H) - level 15 Speed = 3.2 Physical damage = 203 Critical hit = 4.2% Accuracy = 3.9% Tested Gladius(1H) - level 15 Speed = 2.0 Physical damage = 127 Accuracy = 1.7% Parry = 1.9% Now what I did next was divide the speed by the physical damage like this: 2H - 203/3.2 = 63.4375 1H - 127/2.0 = 63.5 This means that the attack to speed ratios are pretty much the same. Now let's see the other bonuses for these weapons: Tested estoc: Critical hit - 4.2% Accuracy - 3.9% Tested Gladius: Accuracy - 1.7% Parry - 1.9% (with Proven Shield) Physical resistance - 204 Block - 2% Health increase - 136 Now at this point this is where I conclude the two and I find that using a one-handed sword and shield gives a better advantage, yet I barely see anyone else with a sword and shield. The other variable that could come in to play are the skills used with each weapon, particularly Strong Blow and Roar. If someone can convince me as to how the 2 handers are better, please let me know because I feel like I'm missing something here, thank you.
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