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  1. Hi all I'm a returning Warspear player, I quit last September around the Norlant Swamps release due to grind boredom, thought I would give it another go. I have a level 15 Necro and level 17 Barb... I have a couple questions on what's happened since I left:


    1. How do guilds work? Is there a faq or guide anywhere that I can read?

    2. I heard necros have been nerfed, is this true?

    3. What's up with the arena points being reset?

    4. What level should I start playing Norlant Swamps at?


    Thank you.:)


  2. After you complete all of the regular quests for xp you can start. Pretty much all you will do every day is complete daily quests for xp and then after that either farm bosses, do chainless league quests, pvp, arena or whatever.


    -That's another tip do your free arena fights everyday to start stockpiling arena points for arena armour and weapons.

  3. Start doing any quest you want. Eventually you will finish all quests in the first town and move onto the second.




    - I don't buy any armour until maybe level 15, you still get good enough armour from quests, but it may be a good idea to buy a new weapon from the store.


    - When you finish all of the quests in the first town, you will start seeing blue exclamation mark quests. These are dailies and can be completed everyday for experience. Do dailies as soon as you can because they will save you time in the future unless you skip them now. They are pretty boring but they will eventually become your only source of xp after you've completed the rest of the quests.


    -On the second island you can now fight the enemy faction (elves and chosen), their names are in red. You probably won't start seeing too much of the enemy though until the 3rd town or so.

  4. This is guide on the Necromancer class. I don't go into too much detail on the combat spells so if anyone has any more information on lacking areas, I will include them in the guide.

    NECROMANCER MYTH - Necros have the most powerful healing spell. 

    The Priest's healing spell is actually just as powerful as the necro's healing spell. However, the necros spell uses half the required energy and 4% of the necro's health to cast.

    Опубликованное фото




    NECROMANCER FACT - Necromancers are the most effective healers in long PvE battles.

    Why? Because necro's have the highest base energy regeneration at 8 energy/5 secs and the lowest healing spell cost at 7.


    This means that as long as the necro uses no other spells, he/she will never run out of energy to cast Ancient Seal, even if there energy is at 0 after casting the heal.





    Опубликованное фото



    As you can see, the necro's passive skill gives it an energy regen boost and 3% protection against moon and dark magic attacks.


    Poison Spittle

    Опубликованное фото



    This attack is the standard power attack that all classes share. When Deathly Eye is used twice on a target, Poison Spittle will deal extra magic damage over time (3 smaller hits on the enemy if you are quick). I haven't gone too in depth on this spell.


    Deathly Eye

    Опубликованное фото



    Deathly eye is a stackable spell that reduces the targets maximal health. That being said this should be cast when an enemy is it full health, to maximize it's use. Cast this spell twice and then use Poison Spittle do deal additional dark magic damage.



    Опубликованное фото



    Nightmares is a really useful skill. It can be used to stun enemies so you can run away, attack other enemies, or heal yourself. The target is also unable to regenerate health or energy while in the nightmare.



    Level 1 - 5 seconds

    Level 2 - Unknown (need additional info)

    Level 3 - Unknown (need additional info)

    Level 4 - Unknown (need additional info)

    Level 5 - Unknown (need additional info)


    Bone Shield

    Опубликованное фото



    Bone Shield is extremely useful. The target is surrounded by a magical shield that absorbs damage until the shield dissipates, or until the shield is broken. Bone Shield is useful in battle and to get past a hoard of monsters in your way. The casting cost is 4% of the caster's hp and 20 energy.


    Duration and Strength


    Level 1:

    Duration - 6 seconds

    Shield Strength - 102 damage with 0 armour bonus


    Level 2:

    Duration - 8 seconds

    Shield Strength - 197 damage with 0 armour bonus


    Level 3:

    Duration - 10 seconds

    Shield Strength - 292 damage with 0 armour bonus


    Level 4:

    Duration - 12 seconds

    Shield Strength - 387 damage with 0 armour bonus


    Level 5:

    Duration - 14 seconds

    Shield Strength - 411 damage with 0 armour bonus


    IMPORTANT NOTE ON BONE SHIELD - Bone Shield is a weird spell. The shield does not stack on top of the player's armour bonus.


    For example if you have 1 completed naked player, and 1 armoured player, both players are equally protected by the Bone Shield and the fight will be even until the shields break. The naked player's shield will take more damage to break, since he is not protected by armour. The armoured player's shield will take less damage to break, but since he is already wearing armour, it evens out. Confusing, I know.


    Ancient Seal

    Опубликованное фото



    Ancient Seal instantly heals the targets character's hp. The spell uses 4% of the caster's health and 7 energy. To calculate the normal heal you will deal use this formula:

    Base Heal + (2*Astral Bonus) = Normal Healing Amount


    Level 1 Base Heal - 34


    Level 2 Base Heal - 76


    Level 3 Base Heal - 118


    Level 4 Base Heal - 160


    Level 5 Base Heal - 202




    Comparing Necro/Priest to Shaman/Druid for Healing


    Опубликованное фото



    Both necros and priests have the exact same healing power. However the necro's cost only 7 energy (and 4% hp)! This is extremely low for a healing spell and as stated up top, allows the necro to have unlimited heals if using no other spells. The priests healing spell doesn't take any of the caster's hp away, but it does cost a lot more, and the priest's stock regen is 3 lower than the necros. Note that the priest starts off with 10% more energy than all other classes however.


    Now to compare necro/priests healing to shaman/druid. This test was done with both starting characters performing heals on themselves, with equal stats:


    The shaman/druid healed 32 hp 5 times throughout 15 seconds.

    Energy expense - 12

    Cooldown - 10 secs

    Range - 5


    The necro/priest healed 72hp instantly.

    Energy expense - 7 (14 for priest)

    Cooldown - 8 seconds

    Range - 4


    This means that in 15 seconds, a shaman/druid could heal 160 hp in 15 seconds, and a necro/priest could heal 216 hp in about 18 ish seconds with 3 spells, depending on how fast the player is.


    There are pros and cons to both types of heals. The necro/priest wins for total healing because of instant heal and lower cool down. However the shaman/druid will require less clicks to heal, which means they can concentrate on other tasks in the battle. The shaman/druid can also start a second heal after their 10 second cooldown is done.




    Necromancer Pros (Healing Only)

    - Instant heal

    - Extremely low casting cost for healing

    - Faster energy regen rate than other classes

    - Unlimited healing if no other spells used


    Necromancer Cons (Healing Only)

    - 4% hp drain for every healing cast. This means that necros are fragile and might not notice their hp going down. Necromancers should be kept out of harm for as much of the fight as possible, so they can concentrate on healing the tank and other players.


    I hope this guide is helpful to players who can't decide which type of support class they should pick. Right now I'm playing a necro, and am having a blast, but it all depends on what kind of player you are.


    Additional Info Required

    If anyone would like to help me with this guide here is some specific information that would help.


    - Durations for Nightmares spell lvl 2/3/4/5.


    - More info on Poison Spittle and Deathly Eye.


    - Shield strength and duration for level 2/3/4/5 Priest's Holy Shield.

  5. I just did a test on 2 new characters, 1 shaman and 1 necro, both at 0 astral.


    The shaman healed 32 hp 5 times throughout 15 seconds, I timed it.

    Shaman energy expense - 12

    Shaman cooldown - 10 secs

    Shaman range - 5


    The necro healed 72hp instantly.

    Necro energy expense - 7

    Necro cooldown - 8 seconds

    Necro range - 4


    So it's pretty close. You can heal 146 hp in 8-9 seconds on a necro using 14 energy, and on a shaman you can heal 160 hp in 15 seconds  using 12 energy.


    So I think both classes have pros and cons to their healing. In terms of most healing power I'm pretty sure necro wins because of the lower cooldown and instant healing. However the Shaman requires less clicks for more heals, without any hp loss to yourself. This makes healing a less taxing job on the Shaman, because less clicks means concentrating more on other parts of the battle. The Shaman can also start a second heal on another player after 10 seconds.

  6. So I am a returning Warspear player. I left in November 2011 with a lvl 17 barb. I came back a couple days ago and started a Necromancer character. I have a couple questions regarding this class.


    1. From what I understand a necro has the most powerful healing spell as well as the most powerful shield spell. Using these spells consume the user's hp. Is it possible then to kill yourself while using the heal/bone shield spell?


    2. Does the nightmare spell work 100% on all enemies including bosses?


    And lastly how do you guys like playing necros pvp and pve? Are they popular at all on the second island?




    No, you don't understand. I love that these items are common, it's a great idea. BUT when the event is over, these foods will no longer be produced, therefore the remaining treats in the game will become rare and sold for insane amounts of money! Goto this link:






    and type in "partyhat". These are the most expensive item in the game. 2.1b is the most gold you can have in runescape. That's probably like 10m in Warspear gold. You can also type in santa hat or easter egg. These items were released about 10 years ago in similar holiday events the same away as these treats are today. The event ended, the items became rare and now they are sold for stupid amounts of money.

  8. Hello I am loving the holiday event going on right now (never heard of Median Night), but am just wondering what will happen to the holiday items after the event is over. I would strongly suggest making the items disappear from our inventory or make them personal. I am saying this because otherwise all these holiday items will become rare and people will sell them for stupid amounts of money. Anyone who is an RS veteran knows what i'm talking about.

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