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  1. I want Saitama now LOL , strongest human in the world...
  2. Hello everyone, do you a STAR WARS fan too? I wish that there are weapon and armor from star wars appear in warspear as decorative skin and fancy costume. Imagine there are single-blade lightsaber for one-handed weapon, double-blade lightsaber for two-handed weapon, energy shield(the one used by gungan) for shield, lazer gun/bow for crossbow/bow(replace arrow effect with lazer effect) and electro staff/ saber staff for staff. For the costume, it can be any character like Stormtrooper,Wookie,Gungan,Twilek,DarthVader,DarthMaul and etc. It's pretty awesome right? I am so excited already even though it's not gonna happen. ↖( ̄▽ ̄")
  3. Oh I see, I haven't played this game for like more than a year I think. I come back again as a necro recently. Want to try elf skill but can't create character ≧◇≦
  4. It's a good news to MC faction from US-Sapphire! I can't create an elf character in US-Sapphire just now,"There are too many heroes of the selected faction in this game realm. Select either a hero from another faction or another game realm". Developers have tried their best to balance the server. Thank you for your efforts. ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ)
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