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  1. KropTex

    shiny shield

    Yeah, that color shining idea sounds awesome. Gm should add some neon effects to weapons for example..
  2. I love the stories at beginning (for example; how did it all get started etc..) I am sure that this event will be great!
  3. Yep, would be nice to see if people really has bad connection or they are blaming "lag" just because its so lame excuse..
  4. Well, I have experience from Android for many years, and I havent broken any phones yet. I have soft bricked my phones for million times but its easy to fix again It has many risks, yes, but if you do things right, the risk is so ridiculously small. But after all, its up to you if you root your device or not
  5. Using Touchwiz now, its debloated (means that I have uninstalled all no-needed preinstalled applications, over 200 I think) and ofc its tweaked as @#€% Haha xD Honestly, this phone beats my laptop too (too lazy to tell all specs, sorry)
  6. Hello! I have a rooted Note 4. Well, I'm kinda Android freak. I'm using my own custom stockrom right now, with CPU overclock (3.1ghz) and GPU overclock (800mhz). Damn, this phone is beast! I am waiting for CM13 right now.
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