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  1. Agree, Rogue more fun to use now. I done my sweet revenge to noob elf who kill my rogue when quest in nadir.
  2. @awww Pros saying is right, reselience only works on arena or when u have duel with other clan. How to recognize when it works? it will appear in yellow text when u fight, a powefull shanan usually do damage 600! in text red but when it only do 300! damage in yellow, means your resilence work. Dont hope get resilience from monster n boss. @warlunatic : i have noticed that dodge in rogue wierd too, my dodge above 25% n my parry only 7%. But in hunt or arena parry always come every 5 hit of enemy, i dont know its bug or not.
  3. hey zink, dont quit. just play for free arena, relics n farm bg offcourse. miss the time we farm together with you, straw and others on BG.
  4. If rogue not have harmony crystal, just wait he losses manna/energy n he will appear. By doing stealth, mercilless, gauge ang then another stealth its draining rogye energy.
  5. after the update i saw so many new rogue in first island, within hours can achive to level 7 already, because stealth skill very helpful doing quest. if u choose as elf, ranger would be nice to play even ranger cant solo mid boss because of low hp.
  6. solution of this is eazy. always kill rogue first. *peace*
  7. Are we making clan, Jaw? For get Arena Weapon after maintenance, cant hardly wait ;-)
  8. GueGuejr

    Rogue skill setup

    how come u have 15 skill points? i hv only 10 skill point. :(
  9. mc skill better? I didnt think so, if rogue skill compare to ranger skill, rogue is a crap. Barbar and Blade Dancers are equal, both have attacking n defend skill. Shaman vs Druid also balance. I hope in this update, everything got balance..more over the rogue.
  10. GueGuejr

    Lvl 18 noobs

    Saip is right, we kill dinalt in emerlad when there was chaos war no higher lvl of clan help us n steal it from elf which farming, luckily those elf were good,not killing us. :D But when arrived to Barengar Guard, only took 5 minute because Zerb party was very helpfull to invite us doing quest while they re farming. So, Eregion i ll help u doing Barengar Guard, just pm or reply to this.
  11. if stealth cant use in combat, well its no good, rogue still need to improve then. cant hardly wait, i hope sulla translation fom Rus forum is correct.
  12. wew, finally the update is near in hours. cant hardly wait to kill with steath skill. finally rogue more usefull :-)
  13. yes, crimson weapon cool. save your crimson and do a lot of cc quest. sorry cant post it bcause play from mobile phone. :-)
  14. should wait for another maintenance or update. should spend 271 gold if u re in second island now :)
  15. need more lvl than 18 to max all ranger skill. Waiting for update :drinks:
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