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  1. Cant move on from Warspear ? Addicted ? Me too.... LOL :blush: :good:
  2. Gak mungkin dibuka lagi sms payment for Indo, sudah ada MOL Payment dan PayPal tuh. Silahkan dipilih suka yang mana?
  3. Warlock is worst enemies for melee character since two circle of darkness so annoying. :mega_shok: My DK also built on using Shield, my question is How Good is arena lvl 17 shield against non melee character, does it block a lot or dodge "yellow" (come from resilience) ? I have the shield but not using it yet, waiting for arena lvl 17 sword. :search:
  4. GueGuejr

    luck amp

    Very Lucky.... :clapping: :clapping: Since no need to amply +10 for quest, i stop amplying 8)
  5. Agreed with you cross, i feel developer becoming greedy. To get new costume we must spamming mcoins more than buy it directly from mshop. Sigh :(
  6. iki pm2an di forum, wkwkwk. Get ready to spent mcoins on rune and crystal now. Huft. . .
  7. The update required more mcoins than before i think, bcause all will spaming on enchant rune & crystal hope for luck. :facepalm: oooohhh nooo! !
  8. warlok & mage wants new faster weapon? omg :facepalm: currently both char already overpower in fighting in arena or war, why should give more powerful weapon? :unknw:
  9. why so hard to clear the tiering of convertion snorlax? so player will aware benefit of gold will be taken or spending it on sphere or old arena gear. Agreed with other, arena season should be limited of 1000 fight per 2 weeks or rich guy will spamming by buying lots of tickets arena.
  10. please answer the convert between arena point into gold, kuz. How does it work, 1 arena poit = 1 gold, or else? IF so, i will spent it on arena gear or sphere. New Lvl 17 gear? more enchant, more amply, more sign to waste. MORE US$ TO SPEND, OMG. Because free mcoins are failed :facepalm: When this game more friendly reward not waste real money? >:D
  11. Before the update i got violent shaman lvl 18 boots, killing whisper gloves lvl 18, and baton lvl 17 shaman staff. I Get in box 2,4,5. But after update? norlant rune, crystal, rubbish potion from every box 1,2,3,4,5. They plan to delete swamp? Good, i prefer hunt to got item, more challenging. Mask is only fashion since its only lvl 13 with 3 stats, not cool at all wont be rare item. :)
  12. omg vanity, so sorry u got scamm. Trade should be on current char online, dont believe other small lvl new char. Do admin, taking care of this trouble?
  13. How they did scam, if u not give username and password? please explain to me, vanity. Thx
  14. Yes, the secret of amply your gear is Luck, my necro lab cloack using 10 signs to be +7, my rogue had 30 sign for +7. I hope GM give mercy for better amply after 3.1 update.
  15. Agreed with you Bong, many scammer now...just put a link from owner of item then deceive ppl, newbie player became prey. :facepalm: :'(
  16. Will Not Be Happened, because Indonesia now Serve with MOL Points.
  17. U need 2 rings of astral called Good Signet, Belt of Astral Light Sash or high lvl ring and belt with astral from boss drop in laby. Good Luck. ;)
  18. Still having trouble by crossing to each screen, akways lag even my Net at full speed. Fix it, please.
  19. wait till next patch looking for better item for New Char especially Necro, just enjoy being raped by fully enchant and fully amply rich player... LOL #LongLiveNecro#
  20. Bone shield brake because of certain amount of damage which is receive, higher lvl can absorb more. Against ranger blessing, my bone only last for 1 hit, bcause only lvl 1 bone. The cool down remain the same for each lvl of bone shield 5-6 sec.
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