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  1. GM FORCE SHIELD ON BARBS :facepalm:


    Shield will be available on MCoins Shop, this shield throwable like captain america shield... ;)


    Non dodge multiple target of Ranger? OMG... but i assure it will give only max 200 dmg like throwing knife rogue and banner pala, right GM?


    Lets richest player try and buy new skill then write down in forum for poor and baby crying player choose it.


    Nice update... cant hardly wait...

  2. I think its never ending story of battle of Druid and Shaman, those are two strongest sorcerrer in game.


    Pvp between druid and shaman are always a great show in pvp cave. With this nerf of druid, pvp will be more challenging, because earthquake of shaman sometimes dodge or miss but druid tornado never miss/dodge.



  3. I was planning to add new priest expert skill,  when i use book oblivion to reset all skill, then something wierd happend. I Give u screen shoot.


    I play using  Samsung S4. Already download game from game client server.


    Please help fix it. I cant even use my valor aura..


  4. Why bigger trap,  Why not give ranger mines, if rogues step on it KAboooooOOOOm. :lol:


    R.I.P rogues.



    Very funny indeed... :lol: :lol: :lol:  Does any ranger have difficulty to kill Rogue ? Does any Rogue cant kill Ranger? IT IS JUST LUCK and GOOD Connection of Internet which decided who is winner between php Rogue vs Ranger :drinks: :drinks:

  5. why skill stealth on rogue become so slower to use?

    after used, the cooldown line didnt running!!!! and the cooldown started after the character is visible!!!

    if it is a bug, please fix it!!!!



    If it this a bug, please fix it dev, but if it new way of being stealth mode, we must consider to quit rogue forever, no defensive ability now for ROGUE :mega_shok: :facepalm:

  6. rangers were never known as the worst class, maybe in 1.0-1.3 a little shit before scatter, but still not bad as other classes didn't have stuns.

    rogue`s and BD yes.



    True indeed...rogue was worst class before turn in shadow skill appear  :facepalm:

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