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  1. These changes are impressive but they have a lot of consequences. I hope devs will make necessary changes to the game features. For example ,the flag hp in wars should be increased to account for the extra dmg increase from skills.
  2. Rearranging: Why don't you learn to write question first?
  3. I think it's temporary for one season only. This has happened before few seasons ago.
  4. @Holmes @[email protected] The gold to receive lvl 29 arena item to sell to npc is showing incorrect. Selling lvl 29 arena weapon to dealer should give more gold.
  5. Haloween is kinda far , like 2 months more. can we have special event weeks meanwhile so we dont get bored?
  6. It doesnt work. Fury buff works only in underwater
  7. awesome job zeus. This will be very useful for every questor in game
  8. All those charmers went to arena/ tele ported / logged off/ left map at same time. lol julie, he was surprised at all dogs from charmer there but there is no castor xD
  9. how to wake up his sleep. We tried to gather with all our guild members, but it isnt active or awake. How can we make the boss awake? Edit : found answer, need 30-40 ppl for activating it.
  10. @Akasha @Reivenorik can you please tell me, will arena rewards be open this current season for lvl 29-32 bracket after the update? Or will the rewards start appearing after new season?
  11. Correction : 35000 of reputation point - honoured oxygen maximum level: 20 points underwater travel speed: basic speed
  12. Hey, let's not make forsaken op lol. Maybe they need oxygen for internal mechanism xD
  13. Finally it's here! Awesome work devs. There is plenty room of character development, i really love it.
  14. What does "(drop chance increases with the dungeon level" mean? Mythic level is highest difficulty and the only difficulty level it drops
  15. Us- sapphire guilds working fine, is it problem to only some guilds or for eu server?
  16. @Reivenorik the birthday event is still on, but now dungeons need requirement for reputation now. Is this a bug ?
  17. congrats glad ,Zeus, livi and Julie. . You all deserve it and I am proud of you all . Merry Christmas to all the forum community and all the players
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