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  1. Haha
    Danfake reacted to magmels in [2020.08.17] Обновление Warspear Online 8.4.2: Анонс   
    Разработчики, вы в своем уме? Единственный скил который давал магу какую никакую выживаемость вы просто уничтожили. 

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    Danfake reacted to vegeta in [2020.08.17] Обновление Warspear Online 8.4.2: Анонс   
    All this fixes for skills and yet not news about paladin shield fix 10k hp paladin  give 12.5k hp shield at 4/4. If this time no balance when will it be balanced .
  3. Thanks
    Danfake got a reaction from Rhaast in Change time or activation mode, Quest Live T4   
    Hi, it is getting very stressful completing quests live on T4 lately, waiting 10 minutes for each one, with many other PTs trying to complete, I suggest changing the time to 3 or 5 minutes, making it like T5 pirates who only activate for whoever have the quest ..
    There are a lot of players who don't have that much time in the game, and wasting 2 hours trying to complete it becomes frustrating, please try to change the mechanics of that quest, many will be grateful.

  4. Haha
    Danfake got a reaction from Akasha in [2020.06.11] Update Warspear Online 8.4.1: 12 years of confrontation. Shadows of the past. Release   
    When you finally manage to complete the dungeon "Mitico Coliseum and SEA Mitico" 

  5. Haha
    Danfake got a reaction from Rhaast in [2020.06.11] Update Warspear Online 8.4.1: 12 years of confrontation. Shadows of the past. Release   
    When you finally manage to complete the dungeon "Mitico Coliseum and SEA Mitico" 

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    Danfake got a reaction from KitKat in [2020.06.11] Update Warspear Online 8.4.1: 12 years of confrontation. Shadows of the past. Release   
    The gift is beautiful, beautiful suit, at last after many years they strive on something cute....
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    Danfake reacted to Luan Borges in [2020.06.08] Update Warspear Online 8.4.1: 12 years of confrontation. Shadows of the past. Preview   
    This new GvG mechanics seems like a lot of fun.
    I've seen some people worried about the game crashing, and i think thats unlikely.
    Considering not even 50% of the players will be there. ( New guilds, leveling toons , etc)
    And if they are, they certainly won't be in the exact same spot.
    War makes that happen, because everyone  has to be at the exact same point.
    Some defending and some attacking.
    And i find it difficult to believe thats going to be fixed, considering this game is over a decade old, and its engine probably is linked to the problem...
    So what could be done is changing how the war works.
    Finding some way to force people to be spread in multiple checkpoints and not just one.
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    Danfake reacted to Relzinhox in [2020.06.08] Update Warspear Online 8.4.1: 12 years of confrontation. Shadows of the past. Preview   
    at the stage of the event in which the two factions meet, is there no risk of the server falling? because in the weekly wars common in Br-tourmaline it is leaving something to be desired! 
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    Danfake reacted to Peony in [2020.06.08] Update Warspear Online 8.4.1: 12 years of confrontation. Shadows of the past. Preview   
    One more year of the great struggle is coming to an end. In this time we’ve been through fierce battles, exciting adventures, dangerous boss hunts and pleasant acquaintances with new heroes. Meanwhile, incredible events unfold in Arinar, in which you will be able to look into the past and remember how it all began...
    The beginning of summer is the time to put weapons away and look back. White Wanderer, who created Arinar many millennia ago, has once again sent down the White Stones - portals into the past eras. Sages say that this year the Forefather has planned to let each nation see the turning points of their history, that led to the War of the Spear. What lesson should the heroes of Arinar learn, once again going back to the days of old? Everyone will have to answer that for themselves.
    World event “Shadows of the Past”
    It is time to remember what was at the beginning of Arinar’s history and relive the most vivid moments of the War of the Spear. Everyone will be able to delve into the past and see what was long kept on the dusty pages of the chronicles.

    First stage “Shards of the past”
    The White Stones have again fallen from the sky on Ayvondil. Each of them is a gate to the dark paths of the past that encase the shards of the long gone times. The Sentinels will be able to return to the days of the Twilight War, and see the annexation of the last free nation — Norlant. Legionnaires will witness the battle with the warriors of the mysterious clan of the Rat and will fight mage Enfidakh. 
    Second stage  “Confrontation”
    The White Stones call upon heroes again! This time yoг will visit the times of the First war of the Spear! The Sentinels will join the army of the Queen Valaria. Legionnaires will enter the ranks of Maradish’s army, who is preparing to besiege Maliat. 
    Third stage “Battle under the walls of Maliat”
    Maradish moved his forces to the walls of the ancient city. The ground shook under the iron iron boots and leaves fell from the trees when the Filth Golem walked past. The Sentinels’ warriors attacked suddenly and the battle started. The Forest Spirit ran forward at its opponent. The huge golem and ent collided and started to trade powerful strikes. Magical energy, boiling inside them, fed off the strength of the two battling armies — that’s why when Sentinels or Legionnaires pulled ahead, their giant also felt getting closer to victory! So which one was destined to win this fight? The temporal anomalies are unstable and created Temporal totems on the battlefield that will revive the fallen until one of the giants wins!
    Fourth stage “Battle with the giants”
    The final stage of the battle is the fight with the giants that went to the opposite ends of the battlefield. The Forest Spirit is a menacing foe whose power in these lands is great, even the land itself submits to its will and turns against the Legion! The Filth Golem was created to crush castle walls, the beam from its lifeless eyesockets can melt stone.

    Keep in mind that in the first two stages your Alliance will need to fulfill 2 conditions. And if in the very beginning you can do those in any order, as those will be events from different moments of the past,in the second stage you will need to strictly adhere to the directions of the Alliances’ leaders, Valaria and Maradish.
    That way you will prepare for the fight in the third stage, where both of your sides clash in a battle that will remind you of the very start of the War of the Spear. In the last stage you will raise your weapons against the monster summoned by the opposing force. But keep in mind that the winner of the third stage will have a significantly easier time defeating the monstrosity of the opposing Alliance.
    Restart time: 8 hours after the first stage starts on schedule: 03:05, 11:05, 19:05 (CET)
    Guild tourney event on GvG-territory “Snorlar’s Revenge”
    One of the main villains in all of Arinar’s history couldn’t pass up the opportunity to appear again, to show the might of the fiery souls to Arinar’s warriors!
    Snorlar was a pupil of the divine Volcano, sacrificed by his teacher in the pursuit of power. But Snorlar survived and his soul and body split. He wants to enact his revenge on Volcano and for that he pits guilds of heroes against one another, selecting those among them whose bodies can contain the souls of powerful creatures: Fire Wyvern, Spirit of the Flame and Snorlar himself! Only the guilds’ commanders have the suitable power, but Snorlar promised the reward only to the very best. Free the souls, defeat them and claim their power. The guild that holds the power of the ancient spirit the longest and uses its power to crush all opponents will be deemed victorious!

    You’ve been through many GvG-battles but now something truly new awaits you, so please read the mechanics of the event carefully, to plan the tactics of the battle and prepare for combat.
    The first thing to understand is that the camp will no longer be your salvation. You can leave it through portals, each leading to one different cardinal points, but you will not be able to get back into it. The only way to return is to die.
    The goal of the tourney is the same — earn the most points and pull ahead of the other guilds. But what will the points be awarded for? Naturally, for killing other players, but this is the cheapest way (only 5 points each), so it is much more effective to kill monsters and bosses. Though, just after arriving to the event, in the first five minutes, you will not meet a single monster. Only after Snorlar gets angry and starts cursing you, under the power of his hex, monsters will appear where players are killed. They will bring you 15 points each.
    But for the victory to surely be yours, you will need to get to the main villains, for defeating which you will be awarded 750 points each. There will only be 3 of them on the event, including Snorlar himself. Defeating the bosses can only be done once, no respawns. But it is not just the kill that matters, but its fiery soul that drops from each boss. It is a special item that can only be held by those able to withstand the heat. Such heroes will be Commanders of your guilds, upon interacting with the fiery force they will turn into bosses themselves. And then the hunt will be opened on them! The Commander will bring your guild 20 points for each 5 seconds in the monster’s form. But for killing them the enemy guild will get 350 points. Additionally, upon defeat, the fiery soul will leave their body and pass to another player, while on the spot of death an more powerful than usual monster will appear, but the reward is increased as well — 95 points.
    In other words, your main goal is to capture a fiery soul and retain it for as long as possible. 
    Restart time: 3 times a week according to the schedule.

    Raid bosses
    Other than participating in events, you can gather up your allies and oppose one of the bosses that will be present in the Hall of the Avenger on Irselnort, only during the festivities. There are three of them and you are all well-acquainted with them. It is the Avenger, as well as Demonologist and Beholder.
    The magic of the Demonologist rose to unbelievable power, which allowed him to return to Irselnort. But this time he decided to end the defenders of Arinar once and for all. 
    Thanks to the Powers of Chaos, the dreadful Beholder returned to Irselnort again! But this time he doesn’t intend to hide in a far off cave, but is instead ready to battle the valiant heroes of Arinar in the very heart of the Secret Sanctuary. Are you ready to look the death itself in the face?
    Avenger’s hatred is too powerful, so his soul is unable to rest. The dragon returned to the barren hall again and craves feeding upon the blood of the warriors, to increase his power!
    Important! They will appear one at a time and completely randomly, so there will be no way to predict which one of them will be next
    Additionally, each villain will have his own unique magic, unravelling the secrets of which is still ahead of you. But the rewards for it will be just as unique — that will be talked about in detail in release notes. 

    Mythic level of Dungeons
    Additionally, those who crave a true challenge, will be met with an astonishing surprise: new mythic difficulty levels in two dungeons at once.
    Dungeon “Colosseum of Champions” (recommended level - 28)
    Even after completing all four elements of this Dungeon, you will once again meet the bosses of each previous level! But your main target will be defeating the main, all-elemental boss. Be extremely careful with him, as from time to time he can select a single player for a special challenge. Prepare for a very tricky battle!
    Dungeon “Sea Tramps’ Lair” (recommended level - 30)
    Enter the lair of Dagan,  full of the same traps as the previous caves of this Dungeon. But choose the right path, as the shortest path may lead you only to death. And keep in mind that Dagan himself is afraid of the light, so turn your attention to the glowing fungus that you’ll see along the way — those can help you in the final battle.

    This update fixes some errors in the mechanics and descriptions of expert skills introduced in the previous update, as well as changing the graphics of the  “Forester's Trap” skill.
    Death Knight
     Knight's Curse
    Fixed the error that upon the affected target dying, the zone did not appear.
     Magic Ban
    Fixed the error when the skill did not remove short positive effects from active skills of players. 
    We’re working on making the gameplay interesting and engaging for every class and at the same time not forgetting about the balance of the opposing alliances. This is a truly difficult and complex process. Our team is actively working on it and in the next updates new skills’ adjustments will be implemented.
    That’s it for now and see you around on the test!
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    Danfake reacted to Samuel Icaro in use of skills by lackeys. (new gvg, stage I)   
    I understand that blocking at this stage serves to halt mobility skills. Therefore, it would be interesting for the minions to also suffer the effect of impeding the use of skills. It is unfair to add speed that a certain lackey makes available, and it's not like a lackey that could be bought at any time.
    Entendo que o bloqueio nesse estágio serve para travar as skills de mobilidade. Portanto seria interessante que os lacaios também sofressem o efeito de impedimento de uso de habilidades. Torna-se injusto a adição de velocidade que um determinado lacaio disponibiliza, e não é como se fosse um lacaio que pudesse ser comprado a qualquer momento.
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    Danfake reacted to user removed in [2020.06.01] Game servers restart   
    Maybe fix this too
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    Danfake reacted to Zurp in [2020.05.28] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Release   
    Seems like new gvg will be always the day after war. Can you finally do something about the resilience buff? That new dg is already very hard and I don't think resi will help there. 
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    Danfake got a reaction from lallouss in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
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    Danfake got a reaction from Babocool in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
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    Danfake reacted to Holmes in [2020.05.27] Game servers restart. Welcome update 8.4!   
    UPD: The servers are running!

    Dear players!
    Tomorrow, 28.05.2020, our game servers will be restarted at 09:00 CEST due to the game update.
    The game will be unavailable for about 8 hours. Please, don't plan anything significant in the game at this time.
    For the duration of the restart, the test server will be available for anyone willing.
    Links for downloading the test client:
    Android 4.1 and more http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/8.4.3-test/warspear-newsdk.apk
    Android 4.0.4 and less http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/8.4.3-test/warspear-oldsdk.apk
    Windows Desktop http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/8.4.3-test/warspear.exe
    Windows XP Version http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/8.4.3-test/warspear-winxp.exe
    Keep in mind that only the owners of Android or Windows based devices will be able to play on the test server.
    For more detail of what is in the upcoming update, please refer to the announcement: https://vk.cc/auIAaL 
    See you!
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    Danfake reacted to Lashabi in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    Seekers be like : if you need to clear some mobs, call me
    Make it warspear official trailer
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    Danfake got a reaction from Luan Borges in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
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    Danfake got a reaction from Rhaast in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
  25. Haha
    Danfake got a reaction from Lashabi in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
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