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  1. I fully agree AIGRIND has to solve this great problem of Mage OP
  2. Danfake

    No comment!!!

    Analyze class Mage and level your power, fin. I had to edit the post because many BR are made of the funny and want to make other players look bad, sincerely the community BR-Tourmaline is the most toxic and full of scammer all Warspear and ELF class very broken.
  3. Hello, I wanted to consult, if this is forbidden? The two accounts I use are completely mine, I have been told to open 2 Warspear is wrong.
  4. Hey @Reivenorik 1 - In the room, Up left side the portal takes a long time to appear, even if we kill fast to the mobs. 2 - The stum of the mobs still exaggerated making the healers and stick hard we can not cure the tanker. 3 - Sometimes they appear more mobs and few others, use that skill of DK that attracts random and kills healer or dmg very fast
  5. Thanks for the changes Reivenorik, I honestly do not think equal to those who say they want a challenge hard, not all servers cost 9k set sing to amplify + 10 only with gold, I like to have fun not stress making me the smart in full Vacation, anyway if the Dungeon are easy the drop do not fall all the time at least on my server, good luck to all.
  6. @Reivenorik The game closes all hours, I can not make movement or attacks without getting me out, Android 8.0.0
  7. Compare AMBER with BR-Tourmaline , we do not have as many +10 players, and the amount is less 👇
  8. @Peony @Reivenorik You can not kill the boss, your HP recharge is exaggerated, decrease please. Also the skill, Meteor of Fire, kills many in 2 Hit, high critical.
  9. Aun le falta un poco mejorar su Español, pero poco a poco aprenderá, Felicidades Magnífica, ahora los Brasileros tendran una moderadora BR esperó que no los decepciones.
  10. I do not agree with this update, but it bothers me that the elves were crying all over the forum. The mage practically earned a passive skill of DMG plus fire, not even move the finger to play, in addition the mage is a stolen DMG, tank boss and Dungeon, which is ridiculous that a DMG does it having a tanker that fulfills the functions. Wardem very little nerf still follow immortal troll in City MC. Nerf veral class MC but I'm already used to that part of AIGRIND. We know that the elves are majority in all the servers and it is understandable that the ADMs benefit t
  11. Translation error I was seeing the differences that there were in Portuguese and Spanish, I discovered that many things are very badly translated, an example is the description of this passive ability, in Portuguese it says that it increases speed and Skill Recharge. And in Spanish it says that increases the magic damage of all the members. I know there is less translation in Spanish but I think there are many players who speak Spanish, and a better translation for us would be appreciated. Those of us who speak Spanish (Hispanic and Spanish) are homeless. We are scattered all over the serv
  12. As necromancer I know that the class is very good for those who know how to use it, but at the same time it is very suffered, most of the necro skills require sacrifice of a % of life (HP). We have only 1 skill heal, do not tell me that the combo shield of poison and acid rain is a form of heal, which if it is ridiculous to give heal with two type of skill dmg. The priest at least has two skill cure, but the necro just as since ancient times only nerf our skill, first make useless the mental pit, now I believe that nerf infection. And now with the skill "Resurrection" at the beginning as
  13. This is unacceptable, at the end of the update the Wardem does not nerf anything and you gain a 50% reduction skill that lasts all the time, you will still be incadiento city MC to troll us that are more resistant, and that is very annoying. Paladin that I can say of this class at the end his stum will stay with the same function if this 4/5, does not change anything, also earns a skill that heals more than my necromancer, a tanker that heal 2k mega HP stolen. Mage another class op, Mage has the dmg luck that almost all his skills are passive, do not even need to mov
  14. Then with the new resources for Fabric Armor, Light and Heavy. They are spoiling me not Aigrind I am gathering energy and ethereal essence for when I leave craft level 28 I can create item of% and now they leave me with this scam, that frustrating in my opinion I feel scammed, we try hard to get things and they change all the orders of craft. NOT OFFENDED BUT I FEEL SCREWED BY AIGRIND
  15. "Chosen" "Ravenge" "Liberty" In Langasart (Isle of the Chosen) young Dan lived with a dream of someday entering the "Order of the Priest" wanted to learn the art of healing and supporting the great warriors in the war against the Legion, the father of Dan He said that being Priest would not bring honor and glory to him and his family, as those who win the great warriors and that God Harad gives great blessings to the brave warrior. Young Dan persuaded and influenced by his father by not wanting to be a disappointment to his father; he enlists in the army of the warriors of Langasar
  16. A question. Should the text be in English or the same in Spanish? Google Translator, translates long texts all wrong
  17. Ele quer decir que onte server caiu cuando ele tava acabando uma Dungeon Beregare e iria pelo drop q era capa mas server fico OFF. En sintesis que el server quedo OFF justo cuando iba agarrar su drop de Mazmorra Beragar osea una capa.
  18. Hi GM, this is difficult but the time of the second phase of Castle War is ridiculous, 17 minutes is too little, to knock down the doors and boss is a time of 1 Hour, we complete the first phase in less than 15 minutes of 1 hour, in addition to that we put a participant limit something ridiculous because in the end if your guild has 90 players ON only 50 can enter. Already in the castle's crown base we have to fight against the owners of the castle against all its players, full of BUF HP, DMG, ridiculous Regeneration, revives, and to top it can cure the crown. It becomes very difficult to capt
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