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  1. When you craft lvl10 rare equipments with 2stats. It requires 4,2,3 pcs. of required sources in order(i forgot the name of each resource materials). But after crafting any armor types and disassembling it. The armor disassembled gives you different numbers of resources. Which is 4,3,2 in order(so after the disassemble, one required resources to craft again got defecit and the other one get add 1). Btw, my point here is that,us, starting crafters need to cycle craft task for less effort of making each resources and less cost till we reach lvl5 or 8. Please fix it ty
  2. Please fix about new crafts. Ex. Lvl10 crafts in heavy armor not giving correct amount of resources after disassembe. Ty
  3. Please add. Silence is pretty useless now against bd's because bd's can still cast ham or any skills even under silence. It needs fix.
  4. I like first one too, like from other mmo out there
  5. Nice tho i did net get new high lvl equips,weps in dg except for lvl5 battleaxe. I made 400k just by tokens. sold frizoskal for 400k that time. A total of 460k
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