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  1. So the dk has still has still to pay hp for his skills but necros don't? And why the hell isn't critical on dks exhalation skill back if even rogues got their critical back. Wardens are uselss now. They don't have any dmg and cant tank either Lock, ranger, bd getting buffed why not? The best balance ever..... Every other tanker has more dmg than warden
  2. Well but he is right. Elves have got aoe stuns while Mcs stuns are useless against many enemies. It's a advantage for sure. Of course the numbers of stuns are higher on Mc but they are based on 1vs1 and not on wars castle fights. A restriction of classes who can participate wouldn't be bad at all.
  3. If you did this by accident and server drops, wifi problems, or you press by accident on cancel, the option purchased won't help that much. I think there should be such a option where we have to confirm what we want to sell and if people don't like it then you could turn it of in the settings.
  4. My solution to this would be Play lol and stop warspear @borisdekleer Many companies do that and it's kibd of a free advertisement where both sides profit
  5. 1000000000% agree with you There is no need to have magic damage on a dk in pve
  6. Of course i think i said it wrong I agree with you I mean the respect of being strong and wealthy guy and that's why you should respect someone and who is weak you shouldn't. This doesn't matter because like you said you have to be polite to everyone
  7. This is a game and not life. Enjoy it or don't nobody is forcing you to do anything. Respect at a game? it doesn't matter I'm not saying that its good that you are not dropping anything and doing many runs it's happening to many people. Let's just enjoy the game
  8. Everyone who participates in a arena season has to go 24/7 This game is... with it's seasons and you have to no life to win one. Every season winner is either sharing his account like a prostit... Or spamming no life. It's the truth
  9. 1. 1h sword in arena? I guess you can answer this question yourself and i agree with you a mace is better 2. You can tank the dgs 2 handed it's not that hard to do as a dk. 3. Why bring up arena well i bring up more aspects why magic damage is useless for a dk 4. Just compare it and belive me you will see for yourself that it's a huge difference to boost your physical damage then having some magic. I still agree with you based on 1 handed weapons, yes a mace with magic damage is far better and in arena i would go with magic damage too. As I said i agree with you on pvp and arena terms but at pve magic damage is useless Blow of silence increases physical damage too i don't know if it is a bug but it does increase your physical damage.
  10. Which 4 skills are you talking about Death call exhalation of darkness sharp shadow That are 3 skills if I count it right. Just compare the damage in a dg with a magic dk using a 2h spear vs a melee dk with a 2h axe. You will see the biggest difference ever. I dont know if you play dk but if I would play dk i would never upgrade any magic skill of a dk because they are useless in dg Steel Hurricane is the best skill to deal physical damage with a dk Ps: I agree with you that maces are better for dk but based on 2h weapons i would take the axe
  11. Magic damage is useless for dk You could go with a sword
  12. I don't get what you mean As far as I remember when the guard is dead then it's 1 vs 1 guild.
  13. Paladin is a better version of shaman Both classes share very similar skills just paladins have got better ones. Fetter = Earthquake Sure the distance is missing but this is handled with the silence function which shuts down the usage of skills. Pala totem = Shaman totem Palas extra feature AOE damage New skill pala = Shaman new heal skill I am too lazy to look the names up but it's basically the same just pala has got it way better with more % I am not saying that paladin needs a nerf ( i think it's good as it is now) But maybe make palas a little more 'tankier' because it's the worst tank class to play with Palas are to me healers but no tankers (my opinion)
  14. Maybe they have made a alliance to work together against other enemies
  15. Dks skill exhalation of darkness got nerfed tooe years ago but well devs never intended to even mention it. Which nerf? Removed critical without any reasons. The skill isn't even overpowered or even good because it's dealing low damage
  16. Makes sense Shaman is too strong with his mana regeneration skill and cooldown skill. Also hp increase of about 400 it's too much. Shaman is god in this game best class overall. Better remove his staff with bare hands so it's balanced
  17. 100% agree with you He is relying on vladeath who has got plenty of passive skills and arena rewards.
  18. Why are you trying to make drama inside the forum with the mods? We understand how you think of mods now so let it be and look at the future. You are repeating yourself for reasons which doesn't make sense because it has never effected yourself. It's Man's case and not yours so just let the admin and the mods handle it.
  19. Warlocks vs bladedancers 3 hits instant dead if stuns ain't working
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