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  1. Hello good day support team, please I would like to complain about my guild that was lost due to autopass leadership to member please return my guild. I did not play almost 6 months because I'm very busy in my job but now I can back to play again. The leader was Aigold. Actually I already send an email to the support email address but no response I think its about almost a month now. Please return my guild I know you can see that in logs in game. Thank you very much. It would be much appreciated if you response my problem as soon as possbile. More power AIGrind!
  2. Hello everyone, I created this thread or report because I'm so curios to this guy 'Lcve' lvl 21 in Langasard Chosen map in US-Sapphire Server. I saw him there 2nd level in the cave I thought he was questing or helping someone but I doubted him because he moves only back n forth and attack low level mobs and doesn't even use other skills, he used only flash strike. I made a video and uploaded on youtube so that you admins, devs, moderators and members can justify if he really boting there or not but I really saw him there almost a year everytime I go there when one of my friend need my help fighting bosses.
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