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  1. Get a team about 2-3 player and kill easy mobs drop stuff 5-8 gold, that my best way! :unknw:
  2. N97 can't install plz check again and thank youSorry, if any 1 same problem like me just delete old ver and start install new ver will be complete
  3. i miss Warspear so much!!!! did game have rank 5?? game have pvp mode??? did my friend play anymore??? sapphire sever i will back soon :yahoo:
  4. iF ya think this game cost not too much then pay for me :lol: lolThis topic make so early. This game still a new game not have much money for d plan free anything. Player much pay for this game keep working. Not like TibiaME game have first land free. That game has free land coz they have a lot of player n game start long time
  5. my phone when use qwerty key can't write word. is't only symbol n number, i has to hold Shift key to write word,that rEAson make me alway write CAP on game n in forum... :'(
  6. JAYYYY. by the post here i found my friend same country.. jayyyy
  7. then as eshiraeL said the set hunter the best too. how about guarian set???
  8. vote for that :give_rose: , make fisrt island for free
  9. lol,thank but time on game folow what country time :clapping:
  10. Maybe u lost some quest check it agian :shok:
  11. plz read Again, that not my mean... :bad:
  12. did time on game folow this forum time, and what time start a new day?
  13. after update rangger max hit is?
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