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  1. Since the game is evolving further, some items that were once powerful became standard, and some became even cheap junk. I think it is time for an adjustment of the CC store and the quest rewards the Norlant Swamps get. CC is supposed to be a powerful and rare ressource but lately players just have so much of it and the things you can buy with it arent so good anymore. Additions to CC store would be really nice Maybe some weapons and special pots/scrolls or Signs of Imperishability Norlant Swamps is a dangerous region that takes ages to fulfill the quests. And even high lvl chars arent safe there. It would be nice if the swamps would get some new quests or the rewards get a few higher lvl additions
  2. From its skill description it seems like a skill that isnt very useful. To start it you must be in battle mode, then dont receive dmg or the skill restarts. So anyone have experience with it? Should the mechanic be changed? Or is it useful because warlocks have op stuns that keep enemies from attacking them anyway?
  3. Do healing totems stack? And if not: how is determined, which totem heals?
  4. I think too that this expert skills seems pretty weak. Maybe a good fix would be when it activates at half of max hp Then the regen and def bonus is not too late. Or: at the beginning of skill activation dk gets instantly healed by his full regen value once, in addition to what its now Dont underestimate that heal - a pala for example with 100 magic and heal 3 just heals 250 points (high end magic palas with heal 5 maybe about 600) - and thats an active heal skill. Btw if you think the pala shield is good, just test it its mainn purpose might be to distract people due to its cool effect
  5. Well druids already got nerfed in the last update (altheough their new area stun is op), but bds actually got a big enhancement :-O I wonder why devs think its a good idea to give the melee class everyone tells its by far the strongest +20% dmg and enhance their until now best skill (counter attack) to a grade where its duration is longer than its cooldown. I think so many people play bladedencers because you are just best in everything without even have to be a skilled player. But that is really boring for all Nowadays i even hear from every bd i talked about it, that bds are so op that game even gets less funny, because they can solo everything in pve and beat everyone in pve :-/ Maybe the bonus from new skill should be 1/2 of what its now (at the moment its stronger than 3 ice queen accessoires!) and counter attack get a big debuff in dmg and hit chance but get passive.
  6. Any thoughts on that? :-/ I think its a pretty big issue that some classes have 2 more skills to use than others... And it contradicts what i know about the purpose of restricted hotbar slots. Like Roland said:
  7. Crystana

    Guild's name

    Would be good yes. Maybe in brakes behind the char name - each guild name and char name are restricted to just a few letter. Should work. If somebody is not in guild behind name stands (Ronin)
  8. But i have to add one good thing: Effect looks very cool But sadly I cant see it on my phone xD
  9. CC is still rare for chars who are not in one of the few guilds that win the tournament every time But i think soon its time for some new items in CC shop to keep up the value of that currency.
  10. Crystana

    Sacred shield

    Just a warning for palas who think about using skill points for this shield: It is ultra weak and its strenght depends on the max hp of the shielded person. So if you shield a caster with low hp it has even less effect than on your high hp pala. And even using it on your pala doesnt even prevent you from a single hit of enemy players or high lvl mobs. on low lvls. On high lvls you may avoid one hit that way, but dont expect much from it. Put your skill points in banner as usual A nice and probably fast fix for this skill would be that the absorbed dmg will be absorbed AFTER subtracting the def+resil of the char. That way it may get a useful skill
  11. I second this suggesiton- Bosses with more than 1 million hp that you just have to hit over and over are just boring. But there have been improvements already in some of the new bosses
  12. great suggestion, i like it! The problem is just that you would have to be able to see which minion belongs to which char. An option for seeing the owners name under the minions name (like guild name for chars) that you can switch on and off would be really great
  13. Another crafting bug: System remembers which type of crafting licence u used last. When u try to start a new craft and select another type of licence you have to have at least 2 stzacks of that licence type in your bag. Otherwise you cant select the new licence to use. That is pretty annoying because you have to fill your bag with many licences and cant even use all at all time.
  14. As far as i know the point for a hotbar of just 9 slots was, that players would have to customize their hotbar and arent able to use all skills at the same time. With the new passive expert skills came a great imbalance to this issue: - Passive expert skills dont need a slot in the hotbar This leads to the situation, that some classes are able to use all of their skills at once (barbarian), while others have to choose. So basically some classes possess more skills than other! There are 3 ways to fix this problem: 1. Passive sxpert skills need to be in hotbar to be active. 2. All classes get the same number of passive expert skills 3. Larger number of slots in hotbar Number 1 would not oppose to the initial thought of a selected number of skills to use to customize your character, and would probably be easier to implement. Number 2 needs more effort and has the same problem like the initial change of active to passive skills: Chars dont have to choose anymore but can just use all skills, some even without energy expense or activation time. Number 3 devs already said wont gonna happen. So my suggestion is Nr. 1
  15. more like normal bd attack dmg at 4/4. Bds already can reach more than 1k dmg. the about 1.5x dmg of counter atm is just crazy. And now it cant be avoided anymore because its always active, so outrunning is impossible now. All you can do as melee against a bd with similar amp and gear at the moment is stand there and die... Either dont attack and get slaugthered or attack and get slaughtered even faster.
  16. Since the other topic got closed: I dont see any effect of sacred shield when i use my phone to play (android 2.3.6). Its the normal version, not the one without effects
  17. I have a suggestion to the notification, as well as the craft notification. Its pretty annoying when you have 6 chars with stuff in market and just get a notification that anything got sold. You have to check all 6 chars every time - that is not very helpful. How about implementing the char name in the note? Just like this: "Item has been sold (Xxheroxx)" That would help a lot
  18. Wow. I tested new palas skill on mob that does 73 dmg to me. Shield took 2 hits from that mob until it broke. Such a useless waste of skill again. Bds shield takes a lot dmg at 1/4 in arena. Palas shield breaks instantly. Bds counter allatack even got double lenght now... Great job in balancing the classes.
  19. That would be the "suggestions" topic
  20. Wow, thats a pretty easy to implement and good idea! Along with nerfing Counter attack They dont hate all mc they just prefer bds and druids too much i guess. Shaman healing totem is a great new skill - shaman badly needed a second healing skill. And barb and dk also get pumped up in these changes (barb especially. Now he doesnt even has to do anything to be a walking fortress - 2 op defensive skills activate on their own) Hmm... About passive skills that activate automatically - do they activate even if a skill is active that prohibits skill use? In that case you never can avoid triggering last wish or other auto-activating skills
  21. Hmm appartently my post didnt get approved, but there were important questions: - Do passive skills require to be in Hotbar to use? If not: pls change it to this. With update barbarians have 9 active, 2 passive skills, so they could use 11/11 skills, while Paladin for example has 11 active skills, so could just use 9/11 skills. It would be a really big balance difference that highly favors all classes with passive skills - Banner: Does def reduction also only apply to selected targets? If yes: How will targets get selected if more than allowed are in radius? For example: 2 player enemies and 5 monsters at banner lvl 1. Do they get randomly selected each pulse? Do player enemies get selected before monsters? - Why do bds again get a dmg ability? They are supposed to be tanks but already have the highest dmg in game of all classes
  22. Bad news for dks? They get a new PASSIVE skill that prevents their death and get all their mag.dmg. skills increased =-O How can u say that are bad news?
  23. Im a little disappointed that stun crystals dont work on shields With a shield you now cant reach the stun of all other weapons
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