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  1. Omg i just realized that the reflected dmg of these new runes probably triggers counter attack of bd
  2. Bds shield blocks more at 1/4 than palas shield at 4/4 With lower cooldown... And i agree new DK skill should be improved. As should palas shield. Both classes arent quite top rank, giving them now ridicoulus weak expert skills (especially compared to other classes) is just making it worse. That Secret Reserve sucks is no reason to not improve Sacred Shield
  3. Lower lvl bosses drop bars for high lvls anyway
  4. For just one year if he wins every season. Just one fail and stay another year
  5. Think Teocel means Wild Boy/Wild Girl, but idk if Hydra on Irselnort drop them. Maybe just on Norlant.
  6. Exactly. And an even bigger issue because bd has so many dmg skills that all get buffed by that skill.
  7. Pls add this restriction to every single aoe skill
  8. ... He uses his Rogue for that (1k+ dmg, all arena rewards, full +10 - and as said before he gives other high amp rogues tons of scrolls too). Just log in a war in EU with a lvl 1 and see yourself. I explained it enough i think. 1k lifescrolls means 1k possible attacks on flag, more if the hp pot gets acitve fast or he doesnt get killed fast enough. A 1k dmg rogue that revives infinite times directly after killing at the flag is no probable danger (+ all his also undying companions)? Ofc not every single elf is there defending. But he alone makes more than 50% of all the mcs dmg to the flag. So the vast majority of the mcs is defending anyway, making attacks from elf side pretty much senseless.
  9. That would be indeed very useful in wars
  10. I have a suggestion to the developers. Each time you make a new skill ask yourself one question: Is this skill worth lvling up to 4/4 in expense of other skills? If the answer is no: Dump that skill, try again. If the answer is absolutely yes: Do the same. If you dont know because its hard to answer you have a good skill balance After a while having a new skill check out the servers and see if people use different skill builds. If all use the same build, then something about the skills is wrong and needs more balancing. Many expert skills are just for the dumpster, maybe with this little trick you can improve the game even more.
  11. Go join a war on EU and see yourself how foolish that is It is indeed this one person who spams lifescrolls at the flag and jumps quick after revive who binds many elfs and changes outcome of the war himself because there is no way to stop that. He just does a little dmg every attack but he uses about 1 scroll every 3 seconds through the whole war (about 1k scrolls each war). Sometimes he gives other rogues many scrolls too. Even when stunning instantly after revive animation the jump is most times possible. Pls dont call opther people foolish just because you have no idea what you are talking about. Join a war on EU, see yourself, then make snippy comments
  12. The head is so slanted because it should resemble this i think:
  13. And Night Prince weapons. lvl 18 with lifesteal - and look awesome
  14. Why should he come to US server? This topic is in EU server and about EU server.
  15. Yes. Thats just a short sightened answer. I think most people dont want their class to be better than all other, but equally strong, so the skill of the players decides who wins. Its extremely boring to fight without the chance to win. As it is to fight without the chance to lose. And most people want that every expert skill is good, so they actually have to choose between different options instead of just using the same build on each char because some skills are so much stronger than other. Same point: Its boring. Different classes with different options, not one class with one option.
  16. In eu the elfs arent that big a majority i think. At least the ones that are high lvl and well equipped. Elfs have just a big load of inactive or rarely played low lvl chars i think. To wars many active people with strong chars logg their mc rather than their elfs. At least i get that impression of the wars i fought in. The lifescroll spamming is a ridicoulus and annoying thing, but if hassn wants to waste 200 dollar per war, should he Maybe the wars in ayvondil get more interesting once the fortresses are ready for capture.
  17. When turning the sound up or down (both on PC version as on Android) just some sound effects get regulated. Some always stay the same loudness (for example the sound when you get a pm. It does not change) Is this a known bug or something new?
  18. For testing existing chars get copied to test servers and testers get a bunch of mcoin to get the new stuff. Lvl 1 chars cant test new skill etc. proper, and i guess chars cant be copied without restarting the server (plus its a bunch of work i guess), so open testservers wouldnt be of much help. And idk if ppl want to play a lvl 1 char who they lose after 1 day instead of waiting
  19. You have to win about 150 fights with active gladiator pot and guild skill (with great pot 100 fights) at lvl 20 arena for 2 lvl 19 axes (14k ap). How many pots and tickets you need depends on arena demand and our win rate, so the gold needed cant be predicted. With a high demand you should be able to do 40 fights in an hour, so using 4 glad pots, if you always win. Lower lvl arena gives lower points, so you need more wins at lvl 16/18 arena. If you try to get these axes at lvl 16 arena with normal demand and your win rate is 50% you may need about 400 fights and 15 glad pots. (400x100g)+(15*1500g)= about 63k gold when prices are good. When prices are high you could pay up to 100k for 2 axes. Depends on market situation.
  20. No, roland. He wants to know how he should document a bug on his phone when he cant make a video of it ^^
  21. Thats not a joke, thats just a lie
  22. Just found a good joke in the skill description:
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