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  1. thank u to have help my sec char kill BG that i had for 3 weeks b4 u showed up :D i like ur positivity and that tells me u will get better.come back quick and scare away some elfs for me.btw my sec char is mcssaver!!!
  2. I think am the only player in Ghana :D
  3. Well the rich ppl get stronger "the poor" ppl too.Only difference with "the poor" is that it will take them lot of time before and by such they will keep enjoying the game for a longer period since they will always have something to do.Thats the life(easy for rich,hard for poor)Kuz said "its lyk a lottery"so poor too can get lvl 10amp and become legend!it's still a F2P mmorpg.the moment u will need to pay for an account before login and play then u can call it P2P till then imma just keep on playing till i get that sharpened labrys or whatever there is in that arena shop(lmfao).PLS DEV,WE NEED SMS PAYMENT FOR GHANA PLS,PLS,PLS...4 MONTHS OF WAIT...!
  4. Loot price back to previous version will help most of us who can't buy m.c because there is no sms payment available in our country (thats the only reason i dont have m.c) and you all know the importance of m.c shop items! Buying m.shop items with gold means buying with m.c for u still use dollars to buy it so the more we buy them with gold the more you get ur dollars. Everyone gets his part! Just bring back loot prices as it was before update.
  5. Well i pm u ingame days ago u said u were working on something.my chars are "kagegaara, lvl 18brb" and "Mcssaver, lvl 15sham" current time "GMT" mostly plays between 7pm and 2am GMT...BAMMM THATS ALL NOW. We gon make the game now
  6. 3.better u start your own char with the name u choose and enjoy the game from the start!
  7. Yeah!come to think of it,it could be cool...running on horses...haha.one advantage would be runing away from danger
  8. Seems a [email protected]#king cool idea to join.mc side same username...
  9. new ones still coming every day so you can start the game with a new character and play all over with ur new friends :friends:
  10. I had a dream there was a third island with new monsters and new lvls
  11. kagegaara

    Lvl 18 noobs

    Am always ready to help new players but sometimes they call u when u are in a middle of a diff and important quest like sanctuary,tractate,stelas...and when u cant help they begin to call u names like noob,weak player...u cant keep on helping players who are never grateful for the help u gave.SAY THANKS SOMETIMES,such reaction makes me dont wanna do my best to help new players complete their hard quests.To the emerald server,they are just too many noobs walking in packs of10_12...for what?just killing mc's! PATHETIC
  12. Nice.and maybe thats how it looks too
  13. Damn,i missed the cloak.my batt died at hand.lol.it was fun and cool though,we must do that some day again...
  14. ask strong guys tn help u or just build up friendship so that when one party is going after genie u get informed
  15. Ovi store. Was looking for nice game and that had the biggest size ;D
  16. Grocery always attacks,never gives a chance.must be killed on sight
  17. I need cloistered pollaxe and i got 20k.pm me if u are ready!
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