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  1. how much is a set of signs on EU ??
  2. she is dedicated to the clan. what is more to ask from a leader??Great job!!!!
  3. think they must have respawn where they came from
  4. they are all good in their ways.it should be like "do i want to be helping others as a healer or be killing other chars as a killer" then u choose from that point of view.then the faction comes "do i want to have long ears or normal like a human as a char(elfs are ugly :P )" if u intend to farm with low lvl gears then u should take a healer(any type).but in all they are all strong and can fight well is all how u set ur gears and skills.
  5. must be the rage to kill u and ur buddies DK
  6. yep some nice quest rewards are getting close. As for the BG drop is always fighing there might as well hang on to the cc but price ridiculously increased(for the gears) they know "we" wont buy the cc weaps :D
  7. u should ask that to one friend ingame
  8. oh this is a risk u take!! and u must be ready to accept the outcome whatever it is. i lost like 6 arena gears already(not counting the normal stuffs)!! :D and i knew the risk... it hurts but if u wanna be sure(as in not loosing the item) buy some signs!!!!! i cant buy m.coin so i use gold to buy all my items. this game is all about being patient and jump on opportunities
  9. kagegaara(love the guy from the naruto series) is actually kazekage with the name being Gaara of the desert/of the sand,i twisted it all i could only that worked. next is mcssaver= mountain clan saver(after seeing how i died fighting elfs and the shamans were just walking pass me with no single heal :D ) later is oruchimaru(meant to be orochimaru a char in naruto as well with the ability to control SNAKES)since the necro has a snake looking skill and and that dude is a dark side badass :D
  10. read well, u might understand. did u get the point???
  11. way to go EU mc's ...YEAH
  12. i agree on the motion as well
  13. thats good news !!! i liked the name FEAR but G O D wasnt that bad + really some co-ordination.Sometimes i pm u and u dont reply!!it doesnt annoy me though, it just makes me feel as if im not part of the group . Anyway iim always up for aything to come:)
  14. yeah u just keep proposing it on market definately someone will need it and buy it and be patient..the game is all about being patient
  15. im not strong enough for pvp cave but i attack any elves i see no matter the level :D
  16. it's not so!!well as far as i know that is not the definition players use in the game*saphirre* it's more like : noob=someone needing chainless on lvl 17+ ~ =a partner dying in arena(if u are too strong why cant u kill em both?) ~ =someone asking for help on trade So will u ignore someone because is a noob?(thats taking ur definition into account)i guess not. BUT people do that and that is what makes others angry about the word
  17. yep!the road block was good and steady...it served its purpose(for the time it was setup) elfs are kinda taking over the whole land of iselnort(both sides) and fellow mcs(most of em anyway) aint doing s**t'bout it, as if everything is cool. when mcs are called to kick elfs outta farming spot, some come but quit as soon as they die twice or more com on mcs!! IF WE ARE TO KICK ELFS OUTTA FARMING SPOT THEN WE SHOULDNT BE THE ONE TO GIVE UP
  18. sapphire mc t4 was raped today buy some huge elfs wave like i've never seen before:! DAMN!! they took the life out of every mc and forsaken in the town DAMN!! and kept taking em DAMN!! DAMN!! the unity of emerald mcs im reading here is unbelievable(makes me wanna go there) 100 MC'S IN A WAR U SAYYYY???!!!! (perhaps mc's are the overpopulated race in emerald) anyway, it's good to know that mcs rule on other lands:D
  19. one thing to say!! we are done letting elfs walk freely on mc land.... even the lowest lvl will be killed wether he is alone or not!!! they will be chased and they will die once we were the strongest clan even with the OVERPOPULATED elfs........ elf: i gotta do chainless!! elf friend: lemme ask my mc buddy elf to mc buddy: dude i need chainless tell ya mc guys not to kill us mc buddy: sure,come on bottom line he is done with chainless
  20. there was that snowy guy who had an almost 100% working strategy requiring just 3-4 parties!!!!! basically one barb attack a shadow with the help of a shaman all at the same time(so shadows cant focus on one char therefore 5barb and mayhaps 4 shamy:)) while the rest of the ppl around kill one target shadow :D the thins is they will surely die but one shadow will be dead as well and the respawn is long so 1 2 3 4 5 shadows dead with like 2 min intervals wich gives time for evryone to get quest!!!!!
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