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  1. swamp is not that bad and hard to play. there are some quests i dont even do(requires u to die a lot or waste loads of time) but i want it to dissapear sometime later.
  2. that is the only im waiting on barb since 0.7
  3. the black jack is a joke!!!!! after 4kills not even a drop.damn sanctuary may u rest in peace
  4. maybe higher lvls should just farm the bosses there(heard they drop costumes).quests there are like the swamps(naked frienzy) :D
  5. huh i'd like to join u in that server (if it comes) really but wont be able to, cos i cant(i mean cant) buy mcoin and not to talk bout*u know what* nice idea though and i may be able to find a way there
  6. the devs make good designs really,i've seen that lvl 13 cape white with a red dragon on it!!!!!just amazingly nice.
  7. it should be compatible with just the the DSI cos i still dont have that 3ds :D
  8. i dont care if we cant trade with other faction(i sell junk in shops). But it may be good if we can talk with them......
  9. :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok: :mega_shok: ........................
  10. yesterday the elfs killed me x3 after kotarava then i got there again and again and finaly got an abyss baton. i dont give up on something when i know it is possible to achieve it....
  11. u might wanna add pachacutec :[ *hehe*
  12. omg i miss BLUEDRAGO and SANBANYO.and bigup to ULTIMECIA and PATTAHATHI(huh hope i spelt it right)
  13. lol but really!!u guys(coolcakid and the other) quit arguing cos there are players who are real good and some who are not good at all and im talking bout them beeing of the same lvl
  14. been long i havent seen the anihilator and lorddain can be a match too as shaman and OMG the warlock combats promise to be the best.
  15. yeah i like a war in warspear almost every night before i sleep we could have a war naked,a war without armor(middle/breastplate), a war without accessories(no rings,amulet,capes :! ) and yeah war in warsear is very fun
  16. yeah gotta kill pachacutec sometimes for way tooooo high prices(hehehehe)
  17. shakle towers are death traps tooo.especially for those who cant heal and the low lvls is a sure death u just get teleported right in there then and say to yourself "okay zeneth here i come"
  18. i keep dying at kotarava and keep getting there!!dont give up so easily and there is always a faster route among all six potals(from zeneth).............dont stick to only one
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