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  1. hmmm "pvpshaman"!! so to say that guy is just here for the fun .... of....
  2. i remember the shaman marzs(a good one) possibly a come back with the same pseudo would be cool :give_rose:
  3. and laser bow pew! pew! has a very bad karma........ :drinks:
  4. anytime on any island(mc and forsaken) im ready to go. JUST PM
  5. good to see the info here bro...... im down to kill em ELFOS
  6. yeah i only did circus quest once!!!nothing keeps me there
  7. i thought of that as well but they will be busy with better drops on the 2nd island and swamps unless they really want to waste their time by being MEAN
  8. i dont see u ingame that much now
  9. yesterday i saw krixsus or kricsus online after a long time and i greeted him and later said i was the only one who did that since he came online and he is not even on my friendlist but i can say for sure he was pleased.
  10. awwww Sneak, the new signature is just whaooo WHATT!!! :mega_shok:
  11. most reason why newbies leave the game early!!!to solve that i made many chars just to lvl up with newbies :good: but if u are too bored and need some chat pm any of my char i may even join ur quests(clear off chainless from this :sorry: )
  12. was wondering how that "BYE" post still has over 30 daly reply. well well well!!!! he's not gone after all :clapping:
  13. complete some swamps quests and u will be lvlv 20 without even realising :friends:
  14. haha i wanna see how an AKATSUKI outfit will look like
  15. started with MC and ending with MC it has always been cool here.
  16. virtual pc emulator works :yahoo:
  17. well over 25 quests done and got just a mantle
  18. also sold in market for less than 40mcoin :shout:
  19. makes me think of pachacutec
  20. eeeeeeeeeekk u can join us here *hehe*then to the subject!!!!i help a lot and i must say im not disappointed by the players i helped and the new ones im helping. im disapointed when they leave the game(for whatever reason mostly time taken to lvl up).
  21. WHOOPSSSSSSS.............!!! so penishole is in B2K :pleasantry:
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