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  1. Sorry u cant quote....

    Just to da I will happily wake at 6 am to War in Ws than miss it at 8 at work!!

    Next thing is the numbers many ppl are crying about.. Damnit it !!we all know that from time immemorial (someone even said cos of the less number of mcs he is gonna play elfs during war) that's so retarded to support your point...yall can go easy on elfs.. Mcs gonna rule u anytime anywhere!! Keep crying ...

    Tomorrow war on terror .. Locks gonna lock you all!!! FREEZE ...DAMN ITS A LOCK I CANT MOVE... Yeah stay cool(frozen)

  2. one more time,no matter how powerful ur pc is, the graphic won't change.

    yeah he probably knows that.. i would also like to know what pc he is using cos if we are using the same game client on all pcs with not full view as in some mobile devices. how come he has full view on pc?? and this is not F5(portrait) view..

    so tell us what's the trick? i still stand to be corrected please. i have a 22inch with 1680x1050 screen resolution(i dont think other specs will matter with WS) and i played it on friends pc with higher resolution but never got a full screen!!! DON'T TELL ME IS THE RAM OR THE PROCESSOR OR THE GRAPHIC UNIT!!!!

  3. 1. i still love WS no matter how it gets worse with each update (well that's what ppl say) 

    2. players change all the time and i have seen coming and going and coming and going.... never ending cycle of crazy and good ones. they are amusing and so fun at times. best mmorpg i played where u can socialise that easily.

    3. to the forum now. well the look changed recently(i guess i dont know how recent :blush: ) but i like it more. topics could make my day all the time. :clapping:

    4. new features !!new features!! that facebook log is useless..it doesnt even give u 10signs for logging with it :facepalm: . the new skills are way TOO EXPENSIVE!! 25k will be better... (i think i must go to suggestion now) :drinks:

  4. Wow, congratz too from me...

    Because of you, Noso! I see this thread xD


    PS : why not shitlords? I thought it much better than sithlords :P *jk, dont take it serious hhe*

    yeah it would have killed the fun of calling em Shitlords totally... (no hate here)

  5. In my mind, not that much lol.

    We only gathered around 4-5 pts at that time, two lvl 18s joined though. But ofc after 3rd or 4th trial, we had just succeed xD. At the first, only 1 pt who done, and after that more ppls who also needed to do that qst came (seemed like so crowd in the trade chat). The finished ppls ofc didnt leave the shadow place. We helped the others who hadnt done.

    I remember that i got some def and dmg spheres while in the pt (not many druid lol) was helping the questor.


    P.S. I ever saw the druid named Poley when was doing this quest.

    when was the trade chat released? 

  6. Good Idea, but it needs tweaks. Maybe decrease Elf Flag hp, and increase MC Flag.

    I play Elf, but... it's obvious that its not acceptable .-.

    (Sentinel 3:0 Legion... What a humilation. Like German 7:1 Brazil... and i don't even like football)

    YEAH i love the idea!!!!! decrease these elfs flags so we can take over in 15 minutes...

  7. i agree.. please keep improoving this Control Point update :) i like it and i dont wana see it as an impossible thing to do each day, it will become boring if both sides keep having the issue of camping in the first town

    it should not be as different as when couple of mcs gather up to attack rats on any other days. Appart from the rats being overpopulated (i understand that rats breeds very fast) there is no way you will say you cant do what they do. 

    so just attack as they do, revive as they do, pot as they do and we may win this war once a week :D. the time is just too short for the war. and also rats will always be weak!!!

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