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  1. Spring dragon, that's the name of my costume. It is made of flowers and plants of nature, so it has this color. During the spring, a large dragon threatens the locals and at the same time, it protects the forests from invaders, legend says that the one in which to kill this mysterious drãgao, can get your desired vizual. Wish me good luck in this personal contest. NICK: SEILAAA SERVER: BR-TOURMALINE Ranger level: 28
  2. A great protector of nature lived hidden in the forests means of lrselnort, Lord Ladybug, uses his skills to save as creatures of the warspear world, his clothes show a lot of beauty and his nuclei bring love and happiness for all who use it. I need help from google translate, so sorry for the spelling mistakes Good luck to all the competitors and I hope you like my outfit NICK: SEILAAAJR SERVER: BR-TOURMALINE
  3. Gostei da Roupa,azul minha cor favorita , me add la lordskydaz, você esta linda na foto isabelle
  4. I'm not getting logged into my account, I already re-installed the game and still not working, and my great this connection
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