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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to vavavi in Carfting exp   
    Can't remember every level, but lvl 22 is 375k xp
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to oninone98 in [2021.03.11] Warspear Online Update 9.3: Preview. Part I   
    Shaman gets better stats gods-help skill from priest, necro dark power stronger than aura and you are telling me priest gets buff from COMPLETELY USELESS MYSTIC MARK THAT NOBODY CARES 
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to Ogull in Inspiration skill   
    seeker names themselves  "Rogue"

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    Zilvinas Zavis got a reaction from Mooh in [2020.11.06] The Anniversary L Arena season has started! New rewards and changes to modes!   
    So now you cant get % dmg accessories on low level arena????
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to Zurp in [2020.03.19] Warspear 8.3 Update: The Hectic Semester. Release   
    @Akasha @Peony Will gvg always be 14 cet on eu server? I understand that there are many chinese players here but this is way too early for most european players..
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to DGMK in About skins (costume)   
    Well, lets just get straight to the point.
    I feel like this game needs costumes that are permanently rare. Meaning that it will not be obtainable ever since the release period of it.
    I personally have a lot of cool costumes that are from wayyyyy back when the game kicks off. But they keep coming back and they just feel less and less exclusive. Oddirently speaking, there are probably thousands of costume around and it is getting hard to differentiate between actual good, rare costume. 
    You may say thats a bit selfish, but i do wana bring meaning to spending tones of money on costume and finally, you stand out beyond all people around. But later just... boom, u can get the costume again in a way easier manner. 
    It could be something like seasons, 1-2year could be a nice threshold where old costume before that will become exclusive and not obtainable. Especially those old boss costume, event costume and lb award costume. It will only encourage the flow of the game, because the price can increase as time goes on, theres nothing to lose for you. Even cheap costume will gain value later on, and you can proudly present it to show u are an old player and deserve every bits of its glory</
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    Zilvinas Zavis got a reaction from Turtle in Restrictions   
    Hello everyone,
    Today I would like to talk about kinda irrelevant topic for almost everyone, except me and maybe 2 or 3 other people in the game. So let me tell you a story how I came up with all of this.
    Soooo, i got bored of playing regularly, as probably many of u do, and decided to create a unique char, whit which I could stand out from the crowd. I decided to create a lvl1 char and try to complete as many achievements as possible. I faced a lot of difficult tasks, but I managed to do them with some luck or help of my friends and as of now I already achieved 208 medals. But here comes the main part of this topic. As you all know, a ton of achievements are locked behind a requirement to be a member of the guild and to do that you must be at least a lvl2. It means that there is no possible way for me to complete them. Achievements such as gaining guild points, completing quests under the guild exp skill, or even some holiday achievements are locked for me.
    I would like to ask you guys and also the Devs of the game why is there such a restriction? I was thinking about it for some time and couldn't come up with any way of how you could abuse it or how it would make game unfair etc.
    Recently there was an update that made you gain expert skill slots for certain medal milestones. Would it be possible to do the same with the restriction to join guilds? For example you can join guild at any lvl, but you have to gain 50-100 medals first. It would be useful only for people like me and there would be no way of abusing it also.
    That is all I wanted to say. I really don't expect it to be implemented into the game, but still a miracle might happen :D.
    Looking forward for any feedback about this topic from you guys and also from the Devs.
    Have a wonderful day!!!
    P.S. Sorry for my poor English and all the mistakes that I made 🙂
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    Zilvinas Zavis got a reaction from KingEricc in [2019.12.13] Warspear Online Update 8.2: Preview. Part I.   
    So when is the test server coming?
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to Zurp in [2019.12.13] Warspear Online Update 8.2: Preview. Part I.   
    Without yet trying this in game, this feels like a nerf. There will be 12 second gap without the dmg buff(unless you change it so that relics affect dmg buff time also). And the increased health of the shield will make it harder to get the buffs if you are not tanking. I thought that with giving seeker more attack speed we could compete with bds, but without having dmg buffs from shield it just isnt possible. Either increase the time of the dmg buffs or rework the dmg part of the skill completely. I suggest that when you activate the skill you get the dmg buff immediately. Would make seeker more viable in pvp and pve.
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to TheSoulless in [2019.12.13] Warspear Online Update 8.2: Preview. Part I.   
    I rarely share any criticism on such subjects before actually seeing them but as bad as it seems "on paper" I gotta say that this can't be a good fix.. And it definitely is not made accordingly to people's feedbacks&opinions, so I don't know where that came from. But yeah... I could give more details and back up this opinion of mine but as it seems it'd be close to pointless according to the skill "fixes" you plan on executing. 
    Rest of the update could very well be alright but the balancing part of it just ruins it for me at least. You pretty much buffed classes that were already considered overpowered, and nerfed the ones that were considered underpowered.. Don't know how you came by with that decision but it's definitely not something I personally wanna experience. Then again, WSO is probably getting used to the decrease in player base by now so it doesn't really care if few come or go. Game remains somewhat the same - Half-dead ish with barely any new players while the old ones are slowly but surely getting tired of updates such as this one, and simply give up on the game they once saw potential in.
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to Hazelnut in [2019.09.11] Important news from the Underwater world!   
    I hope there will be a stun skill for priest 
    Anyways, good job for all devs, thanks for the new stuffs
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to coldravens in [2019.08.06] The "Invasion of Chaos" begins!   
    Servers are dieing we need help
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to Spayzerr in [2019.08.01] Update 8.0: The Ship Graveyard. Release   
    First, good morning everyone. I would love to understand the reason for removing all the gold gained from sector 4? Is that a reason to force players to go to the wonderful sector 5? This sector has taken the patience and willingness to play from many people. So many problems make it hard to know where to start. Come on... Sector 4 was one of the few ways that non-paying players make their gold without much difficulty, and taking it away was cruel. Sector 5, and incredibly different, cool, new game mechanics, though, try to understand that no one was prepared for it. It is very strange this gameplay where it uses 1 oxygen per minute, but it takes 5 minutes to recover 1 oxygen. Have you ever wondered how discouraged players are about this? It does not stop there. I understand the monsters must be strong, but I still don't understand why you get on a screen, take 2 steps forward and a monster that is on the other side of the screen came to attack you if you don't even pass by. Please take a closer look at this new city, there are a lot of things that can be improved with a little attention. Thank you
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to Man in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    U serious dude ? U support mc so blindly  like wth hunter isnt dmg class ? Why he have 3 cc skills ? When it comes to elf nah dnt give cc to dmg but when its for mc u will find 1000 reasons right ? 
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to Spanish in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    What about Hunter then? whats your point.  Yet Seeker is a melee class and probably worst pvp class 1v1, arena, war and castles.. they dont have a single stun or reliable defence. I hope developers dont listen to biased mods xD
    Look at hunter, 3 ranged crowd control skills (full stun, silence and area fear) and the new expert is the most dumb skill i ever saw on this game, probably a bug since people already reported it on russ forum. Without dodge gear (just one enchant on weapon) you will be maxed dodge 60% on a single arena fight or PvP also +30% resilence. Thats like x5 resilence skillbooks. With enough cd maybe you can cycle it

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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to coldravens in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    It have low cd as well, the idea is to spam the skill and think when to use it and when not, also if they make it as constent energy consumtion will be the same as warden fortify and that will be abit op.I think its okey as it is low cd low diretion balance it and its still 50% dmg reduce on top of the dmg reduce from dark shield
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    Zilvinas Zavis got a reaction from Akasha in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    Essences will not disappear, they will still be used to craft accessories. Matter will only be used to craft armors.
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    Zilvinas Zavis got a reaction from Higgings in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    Hmmm new skills, new fixes, new craft materials. Let's talk about it:
    Skills: bladedancer - I think it's a useful skill, especially for pvp because i see a lot of +10 lv28 bds loosing vs lv24 full dodge rogues speeking about pve I don't really see a use for it.
    Ranger - gets another trap that's really good, but I don't think it's too op.
    Druid - is it becoming a charmer? It already has quite a big damage output and full control and now more dmg?
    Warden - lmao.
    Priest - a very nice skill, really useful, makes priests great again :D. But why can't we use it in arena? As someone said pvp's are supposed to be team work? Let us use it atleast once per fight. (Btw is it even possible to lvl it up? And what does that give?)
    Paladin - also nice skill for pve palas may be able to farm solo bosses easier now.
    Mage - risky skill to use because now all the mages are focused on pene and cd and not mana reg.
    Seeker - I hope this skill will have a decent damage because seekers really lacks dmg skills.
    Necro - same as priest.
    Deathknight - I don't mind it because wardens were far more better tanks than dks.
    Warlock - I'm just happy it didn't get another stun :D. 
    Charmer - I don't know why is there people angry about this skill? It just give charmers an option to play as a tank...
    Rogue - balanced skill. You use it you cant tank, but you can do a lot of damage. You tank you cant use the skill.
    Shaman - it gives shamans a really different why to pvp. Make it 4/4 get a full dodge equipment and you can tank +10 bd no problem.
    Barbar - this skill can finally make barb as good tank as dks and wardens, because instead of using block enchants on shields they can use block and so on.
    Hunter - a really decent skill.
    Fixes: bladedancer - I don't play it so idk if the rush nerf is huge or not in my eyes it's not so bad. And if it's bad then 40% dmg increase makes up for it.
    Druid - make roots lv5 or don't even touch that skill.
    Warden - the fix for block heal skill was needed. +5 wardens are not supposed to tank myth techno. It was way too op.
    Paladin - the stun nerf looks huge, but think about priests. They don't even have a normal stun. But compared to dks it looks pretty bad. Also speaking about banner I think you all guys understood it wrong. I think they mean you cant hit enemies like in seals in that spawn area when you place it in the fighting area, but I might be wrong.
    Mage - barrier fix isn't too relevant. Because you don't really need it while standing in caravans and when you need it you get hit faster than 10sec.
    Dk - didn't really understand the reserves fix.
    What's next? Matter! Come on guys :D. Ethereal essences won't disappear :D. You ll still need it for crafting accesories. And as I remember when dmg accessories appeared this was the time when essence prices skyrocketed.
    New arena rewards - I think it's pretty cool. Now everyone can choose what they want to get.
    Ok ok I think i covered everything I wanted, I'm sorry for such a long post, but there was a lot of new info. I hope you all have a great day.
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    Zilvinas Zavis got a reaction from Akasha in [2018.06.25] Holiday event “Seekers of the Decade treasures” and weekly ratings tournament!   
    I was really hoping for a troll costume in mythical dungeons :((
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to Headcheese in [2018.06.09] Game servers restart   
    No warning. I love these developers aren’t they the best? Lmfao 
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to Spanish in [2018.05.29] Greeting video contest   
    I think people should make the yt link hidden and send to contest then make it public after results, so people wont copy each other ideas, otherwise most skilled PC editor would win then and not guys with original ideas or editing on phone
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to Reivenorik in [2018.24.05] Update of the AIGRIND LLC Privacy Policy   
    They will be shut down for a few hours, but all the work will take a little longer.
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    Zilvinas Zavis reacted to TheSoulless in Suggestions on updating, patching, fixing and 7.5.0 overall (after playing with the newest version in the actual game)   
    Hello. I'm Thsoulless, other known as Miro, And I'm here to talk about the latest update that we just recently got. 
    So... I think the lack of class balancing has already been gone through in quite a few topics and conversations, so I'm not going to take that in to this post at all. But instead of doing so, I'm going to tell you, what actually made me pretty upset and confused, was the prioritizing devs had in this latest update. I'm not sure about all the bugs that different classes have at the moment, but I can at least speak for mages when it comes to skill bugs. Anyways, I'm not going to start with the bugs either.. No... I'm going to start with this new oh so wonderful button that we recently got. Yes. That tiny little thingy added next to our hotkeys. 
    Ok so.. I'd honestly like to hear what on earth is the function of that tiny little piece of something that will get my topic removed before I even manage to get to the end of my sentence.. I can tell for sure, that none of my friends is using that, and neither am I. If you get used to it, and "master" it, you save max 0.5secs. And if you're in such a hurry to enter miracle shop/chat/character menu, you should probably reconsider wether you should finish the intense dg first and then say "What's up" to your lad, or do it mid dg. Anyways, now someone will say "Oh but if you use it constantly, and save 0.5 secs each time, you'll save a lot of time after 100 years of using that thing", and yes. Thats true. You'll save some time for sure, but what about those situations, where you're a little tired for example, and accidentally open up that handy cap, and fire up a character menu mid intense arena fight or something, while you have a +10 rogue on you, who is thirsty for your oh so innocent blood? What are you going to do? As a caster its pretty obvious. Mostly you'll end up dying the moment this happens. And if it somehow doesn't, you probably just missed heal on your team mate, and he died, so now you're in 2v1 vs a +10 rog and his COMPLETELY BALANCED AND FAIR friend, +10 barbarian. So basically, this little shortcut just got you killed, and theres nothing you could've done about it. 
    So here we get to my first suggestion of the topic. If the shortcut mostly judt causes death, sadness, pain and depression, I'd hugely appreciate to at least get an option to take it off, or move back to the old hotkeys with just one extra slot in it (If not just completely remove that thing). 
    Next up we got the bugs. I have already told to support team and @Daria about the bugs mages happen to have, and as I mentioned above, I can't really speak for any other classes since I've not really noticed anything. But the bugs themselves are not the point of this, but prioritizing updates, fixes and patches. I'd include balance patches there as well but I did say that I wouldn't talk about those in this specific topic..
    So the energy regeneration bug seems to be just an accident among other bugs (obviously), and since I've tried coding myself, I can tell that its not easy, and there will always be such tiny (or not so tiny) mistakes. Thats fine, since they will always be fixed. But lets take the bugs that mage has at the moment for example. I sent the report ticket about 3 weeks ago. I got an reply saying that support team is aware of these, and they will get them fixed as soon as possible. But now we've had at least 3 server restarts, and 2 shut downs, and yet they're still not fixed. Instead of fixing the old bugs and problems, we (this wonderfult shortcut to your bag and stuff) 2 new castles, new relics, stat&guild skill patches and some HUD changes. Yeah those are cool and pretty big things I'd say. But thats the point. Leaving bugs such the ones mages have to deal with, that pretty much change the way the whole class works in any form of pvp, makes it feel like we just get new bugs and problems, before devs even manage to fix the old ones. So my suggestion would be to do small fixes like monthly (whatever gets reported), or at least include all the bug fixes in the next bigger update. That way we, players keep our motivation in playing, since we know that devs actually hear us when we need them to do such stuff for us. Thats what I hope what happens with the current bugs. Especially the energy regeneration bug. Such a bug that affects all classes and players in pretty much whatever they do will cause many player loses and hate towards the support team very quickly. And I don't think that none of us wants that. 
    But now... Finally we've come to the end of my post/topic/book. Thank you if you actually made it to the end of it, and even if you didn't, I hope you at least got my points. I can see a bright future waiting for us. But nothing good can be reached without work. And thats the way we learn from our mistakes. 
    (._.)/ Peace
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