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  1. Hello guys,

    There is a little but very frustruating problem with friend list. I dnt remember exactly but I think after "New heroes" update friend list became messy. It used to be a-z and now it is just random I don't know if it's supposed to be like that but I would love if good old a-z came back. I hope i ll see bug fix notification in game soon :blush:.


    P.S maybe just mine friend list is bugged what about you guys?:kill-myself-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

  2. Hello everyone,

    I would like to introduce my map.

    How it works: its almost the same as the one we have now, but... First two points can be captured as usual, but for the third one you need to kill atleast 6 opponents to be able to capture it. If, for example, blue team kills 6 opponents they can capture the point, when the red team kills 6 opponents they can start capturing too. If none of the teams manages to kill 6 opponents, the point opens automatically after 90-120sec (for you guys to decide :)). Speaking about afking in the bases, you can stand there for maximum 30 sec after that u ll be hit by the furrious flames (1000dmg each hit) also you will be spawned automatically after death after 30sec. If you use a life seal your magical and physical dmg will be reduced by 10%.


    How it looks: it would be a bright map, somthing similar to spring event island or pelion city.


    I hope you guys like my idea :)


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